@dave I’d be interested in getting a version of <podcast:destinations> that works within items.

That's easy enough for platforms that use GUID-based episode URLs (Google, PlayerFM, PodcastAddict), but it seems like such a headache for the rest of them.

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@nathan @dave
Nathan, cool service.

Two things:
#1: The embed button doesn't seem to do anything for me (in Chrome on Desktop)

#2: Do you take bribes so I can get Podfriend in there? Maybe instead of the Breaker logo which you'll have to remove anyway this month ;)

(It's easy to link to Podfriend with a podcast index or iTunes url, and I got the logo SVG ready!)

@martin @nathan Perfect timing. Exit Breaker, enter Podfriend. 😉

1. Thanks, I'll look into getting that working again.

2. You're not the only one who wants that spot. 😬

Really, I need to figure out a better design that balances showing more players and keeps it simple for novice users. For now, I've got to focus on improving my infrastructure, but I'll circle back once you're added.

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