What’s your favorite iOS mastodon app? Looks like Tootdon is going away :-(

I am not afraid to speak of the Forbidden Spice Girls: Garlic, Thyme, Trader Joe’s Every Day Seasoning, and Bulbasaur

had such a hectic day today i barely had time to celebrate ronald reagan's death. hope it's hot in hell you decrepit fart

yeah i shit nude. don't like it? rob a different house

The Mac Pro has wheels? I guess they didn’t cancel Project Titan after all

Is a joke that probably killed on Twitter 8 hours ago

JS talks I'm becoming less and less interested in over time:

- hey here's this amazing new browser API, it can make your sites 2 milliseconds faster

More interesting:

- why are we doing this
- what does it all mean
- what are the economics behind all this stuff that devrel folks are way too uncomfortable to bring up

reading posts about "the group chat" like haha yeah guys, we all love the group chat, right? That thing that we're definitely in with our friends, in a group, chatting...

Quentin Tarantino the type of guy to get a genie and wish that shoes didn't exist

reminder that "this motherfucker right here" is a perfectly acceptable, gender neutral way to refer to friends family and strangers alike

Only now that I've been on Mastodon for a few months, without a quote functionality or anything similar, do I realize how fucking dumb we all were when it came to spreading horrible shit around by holding it up and saying "I THINK THIS IS BAD".

Like, I think we all registered on some level that we were giving it a much wider audience than it ever would have had otherwise, but holy shit, only now has it really hit me how hard we fell for that. Hook line and sinker

That Best Buy commercial where the imminent new father is advised that now’s the time to go all in on a smart IoT home should be illegal

Again! I just biked past someone who said “That doesn’t make you rad!”

I had my jacket zipped up, so it wasn’t a NASA nerd. I think it was because I was riding no-handed?

Pal, riding no-handed is well known to be rad as hell.

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