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I'm 30, I think it's time to admit to myself and others that I'm going to like Dave Matthews Band for as long as I live

Alright astrology nerds which shit ass set of stars is responsible for these feelings cause I'm gonna kick their asses

I must be confused about what “Endgame” means if a new Spider-Man is coming out in a matter of weeks

Working in the mines is bougie af.

Oh your family has worked in these mines for generations? Dad got you your job did he? gtfo


a podcast's target audience is someone who has 30,000 dollars in disposable income, can't dress themselves, and goes through 7 mattresses a year

Here's my marvel movie viewing order in preparation for Endgame

1. Spider-Man 2 (2004)

Fuck, marry, kill:

The Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit.

AP Bio is a crazy weird show, if not for the weird two tone color scheme impacting literally everything then for the almost disquietingly well curated, moderately obscure soundtrack. I mean, if you find a way to use Shellac in a network television program you're gonna get a touch of my attention. And the attention of 0.01% of everyone else.

@nuncamind do they avenge in every movie? Is someone required to say “avenge me!” and everyone claps?

So the Avengers… avenge? That’s what they do? Couldn’t they be a tad more proactive?

web development is largely split into two groups.
Front end developers: manage the DOM
Back end developers: manage the Shadow DOM

I spent my 4/20 syncing up Fast and Furious movies to Beatles albums

When I have to make a difficult decision, I always find it coming down to one simple question: Is it, or is it not, numberwang?

All I want in a macbook pro is to be able to wake it from sleep with an external keyboard when it's closed and plugged into an external monitor. I don't care if it has a touchbar or a keyboard made out of nails

The meetings aren’t gonna meet themselves

Really glad I pushed through my exhaustion and went climbing with coworkers today. Made a pretty hard day a good one!

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