oh fuck i think the smoke from the wildfires is killing the server in my garage u_u

Hi, welcome to accidentally running an open SMTP relay, because I'm an idiot and didn't update my scripts

Hey U.S. citizens who have congressional representation, a request:

Please go vote today! Then next week, call your congressional representatives and tell them the 660,000 people in DC and 3.3 million people in Puerto Rico pay full taxes, are full citizens, yet don't have the congressional representation of the 530,000 people of Wyoming, and maybe systematic disenfranchisement (of a majority African-American and a majority Hispanic area) isn't OK anymore.

Thx in advance,

The disenfranchised.

i went to go vote. i got to the local polling place and opened the door, it was just bees. an angry swarm of bees. but i got an "i voted" sticker on the way out so i guess it worked

I'm here to celebrate democracy, and our grim meathook future

Just hopping on for a second to say Syncthing is pretty interesting, happy so far

Social media still feeling toxic to me, even if it is decentralized, open source, fully automated green communism. Something is wrong. I'm gonna get this off my phone for a minute.

Tfw you see someone struggling, you want to help by replying something positive or pragmatic about the situation / path to help, but you just end up doing 495 drafts of a reply to finally give up 20 min later

Dear @tim_cook - you probably won't read it, especially on Mastodon ^^, but I wrote an open letter to you, regarding your recent statements on user's data privacy and Apple. #mydataisMYdata /e/Foundation

As predicted by many commentators, #CambridgeAnalytica is going to escape punishment because all the people involved simply formed a new (but legally separate) company:


By going after companies and not people, it is very difficult to enforce privacy laws.

This is a familiar pattern that commercial con artists use: run up liabilities with one company, then transfer assets to a new company. If they get caught, they simply do it again, and it's legal.


The President is now openly a nationalist. The stakes in this election are sky high. It’s not arbitrary. It’s not academic. Lives, and all of our futures, are at stake. werd.io/2018/we-fought-wars-to

RT @sailorsocialist@twitter.com: Helping adults learn to not call the police with an image commonly used for kindergartners is incredibly my brand

🐦🔗: twitter.com/sailorsocialist/st

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hi jorts boost this so my old lurkers can find me

I forgot what having "the chills" is like, what the

it's not chill at all

who even named this garbage

a kid would have to be a big dumbass to believe that we used to get netflix through the mail

pleased to live in a world where every facet of daily life is controlled either directly or indirectly by some gremlin lich with Habsburg face named Thaddeus Crumperton who has always been 85 years old

Reminder that pocketsphinx is open source speech to text

hey, just got bit by systemd for the first time! great job warning me this day would come, everyone

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