And if the biz can't afford as many content moderators as are needed to keep society safe, then do something else. Otherwise it's no different from any other business that dumps costs on others, like waste in rivers to avoid cleanup or selling bad meat to avoid food standards


... I dunno, it made sense when it hit me in the shower

"Ctrl-Alt-Delete: The Planned Obsolescence of Old Coders" has put voice to a thing that has been worrying me for the past 3 years.

One of the reasons I speak at conferences is for fear of becoming irrelevant.

If the security gate starts beeping as you *enter* a store, it means *they're* shoplifting from *you*. Investigate and take action *immediately*!

@aral Have you heard of "free as in helicopter"?

Someone gives you a free helicopter. Awesome, right? But if you don't know how to fly a helicopter it's useles to you.

You know, Mastodon is cool and all, but when you get right down to it Twitter-style communications just kind of fundamentally suck for some kinds of stuff.

You know what'd be cool? An ActivityPub-powered web forum, or a LIveJournal-style personal blog but with some of Tumblr's social aspects thanks to being able to network with other blogs.

Make Web 4.0 into Web 1.0 again.

:blobcathissing: twitter to mastodon crossposting
:blobcat: mastodon to twitter crossposting
:blobcatlewd: automatically posting "i've just made a post on mastodon!" on twitter every time you post to masto

@ericflo i might go one further and say purchase implies full ownership unless there is some type of time-bound, re-negotiable, pre-sale service contract, with default to consumer rights. ToS / other anti-consumer measures appear to exert individual and collective harm on a scale far greater than the value provided to sellers.

(Why am i tooting and not blogging.)

It turns out that there are many companies doing things similar to Cambridge Analytica

@nolan thank you for talking about this. This is just how GSM / LTE works, triangulation is the system itself. Fortunately, with nearly the same stack and devices without baseband chips, the experience can be nearly identical. Randomize MAC, rub a little TOR on it, and some privacy comes back. But as others mention Zuboff, tech is not alone. Thanks again for talking about it!

I use Ubuntu and a Google-free LineageOS phone, Firefox, Ublock Origin, Pi-Hole... I was gonna set up DNS-over-HTTPS, but now I find out that T-Mobile is selling my location data anyway. At some point it feels like privacy is just impossible

(thread, 1/3) I posted something about the US Patent Office's proposed new standards (which it seems they're already using), and how it's going to expand what Google can claim as property and limit what medical procedures are in the public domain.

an anthology of outage postmortems, taxonomized: dan luu's explanatory blog post: "I love reading postmortems. They're educational... they tell an entertaining story."

(someone should make a plain text corpus from these links and use it to generate novels)


Gardening and DIY are important not just because it gives people more independence and saves them money, but because it de-alienates them from their labor. There are few types of propaganda more potent than excitedly checking your peppers several times a day and thinking to yourself, "what if all work was this fulfilling"

@nuncamind hey, me too! sometimes more, sometimes less, always a fun time.

I'm having trouble searching for this one, so I'll ask here: have any of you collected articles about the effect of certain types of language ("rock star", "hacker") in tech job descriptions, and the effects on hiring of traditionally marginalized groups?

@annika no, but I would love to hear what you find out about this as part of my ongoing research for

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