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Consider this

The oldest surviving piece of literature in existence; The Epic of Gilgamesh

is SUPER gay

please share this with as many Gamers™ as you can before they talk about gay being forced into media

If you ever wondered how much data about you is is wort on the market, just go to TheWashingtonPost from EU networks.
#cookies #privacy #consent

Folks, for years: We have a problem called Surveillance Capitalism, it’s a systemic problem arising from socio-economic factors…

Ex-Googler: Hmm, this problem, very exotic… what shall I call it without criticising either surveillance or capitalism? Time well spent?

Folks: SURVEILLANCE CAPITALISM! It’s the feedback loop between accumulation of information (surveillance) and accumulation of wealth (capitalism)

Ex-Googler: …human downgrading?


Looking for SWE / tech work again. Aiming for increase of human well-being without negative impact of modern tech. I have 15+ yrs experience, and want to wield it for the benefit of more people outside the investor class.

I already have offers, so if you have ideas about this, please let me know quick! If you want to talk about this more, please get in touch.

Thought of the day: everyone praises that being a developer is easy cuz there's so much work around, but it's so damn hard to find something that doesn't corrupt your soul, smashes your ethics and doesn't compromise your morals. Ignoring that yeah, there's lots of jobs around 🙄

does SSL even protect users now that most of the CAs are also hosting or reverse proxy companies

side-note: we need to have a serious audit / checklist of the authz + authn of the options we have for the #indieweb / #fediverse so we can give new projects / dev GOOD suggestions

This is how the world works now:

It's something to know it, and another thing to have an easy 35 sec demo to show others.

How many companies are selling how many computer vision products to which buyers?

Hey, y'all, #WeDistribute is looking for writers and knowledge experts to contribute articles for continued coverage of the fediverse and decentralized communication systems in general.

I've been doing it all on my own for quite a while, it's hard to do everything yourself, and there are probably domain experts out there that know way more than I do about specific platforms!

I don't click links in email with trackers. Sadly, if you have an awesome newsletter, no matter how small, indie, or from the heart, if you're using mailchimp or other tracker-adding software to distribute it, you're feeding the surveillance capitalism machine.

Tradition is just peer pressure from dead people.

When I started pixelfed, stuff like blocks or mutes wasn't even on my radar.

I have never experienced abuse or harassment online. I've never blocked an account on twitter. It was naive to think those should not be a priority based on my own experiences.

I've learned so much this past year, and strive to build a safer alternative to IG for everyone.

It might take a bit longer, but it sure is worth it!

"Meanwhile, a list of Google Policy Fellows for 2014 included individuals from a range of nonprofit organizations whom one would expect to be leading the fight against the corporation's concentrations of information and power, including the Center for Democracy and Technology, the Electronic Frontier Foundation, the Future of Privacy Forum, the National Consumers League, the Citizen Lab, and the Asociacion por los Derechos Civiles."

- Shoshana Zuboff
pg. 126, The Age of Surveillance Capitalism


@aral called this "institutional corruption". It seems more like infiltration to me. It is more consistent with their government lobbying efforts and swapping of employees between the US government agencies and Google.

This doesn't mean that EFF is corrupt as a whole, but Google infiltrates some of their employees into it, Facebook hires some EFF employees as privacy specialists etc.

But given a long enough time span, it might even lead to institutional corruption once the employees appointed by surveillance capitalists rise in ranks at these institutions.

I'm subject to a growing number of websites that don't work cleanly with content blocking because they assume you can see the Google and fail (usually with no clear error message) if the captcha isn't submitted.

getting a sneaking suspicion that most tech ethicists are hucksters telling executives and public opinionmakers what they want to hear, and the only ones who aren't are rapidly driven out of positions of power

We all know the NSA spies on basically all Internet users in the U.S. Why do the courts have to pretend it’s a secret?

My son just held a pizza crust up to his ear to pretend call his mother. He had to report he was at work at Google, where he punched boxes all day.

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