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Phildini @ Home @phildini

Throw back Thursday: what were you working on a year ago today?

@phildini I'd been in my current job for about two months, and was helping write annotation guidelines for a project. Didn't have the brain space to do much else, but at that point the work was moderately fulfilling.

One year ago, this month, I was prototyping the hardware for a kitchen timer/stopwatch.

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@phildini I was in the middle of writing a first draft in public on the blog! I hoped it would show people that while the first draft is messy, if you just keep putting one scene after another, you'll end up with something you can edit and layer. It was a lot of fun. :) #tbt

@phildini The draft of book 2 in my near-future hacker sci-fi series...which is finally almost done with beta readers (because it has been a rough year).