Well, I'm up to tracking 31 companies changing policy and 58 events cancelling or moving because of

PRs, RTs, and DMs with info gratefully accepted.

@phildini Perimeter, a physics research institute in Canada, has canceled all its in-person events (workshops, seminars, etc.). I haven't heard about how that's affected the students enrolled in the masters program they offer, but I'm sure it has.

@phildini CERN, home of the Large Hardron Collider, has a confirmed case in their community and has imposed some travel restrictions, limited meeting sizes and started a transition to telecommuting.

@phildini Out in western Mass, Smith College is extending its spring break and going remote:

Same for Mount Holyoke:

Williams College is taking their spring break a week early and going remote afterwards:

I just thought to check MassArt, and they're closing for a week:

@phildini While looking up what UW-Madison is doing, I found that the Governor of Wisconsin has directed the closing of all K-12 schools in the state, starting Wednesday.

The university is going remote through at least the 10th.

@phildini UT Austin has a confirmed case in their community (specifically, the university president's wife) and closed their campus today.

@phildini Cornell is suspending classes for three weeks and intending to go remote after that:

Brandeis is going online in stages, starting with those classes having 100 or more students:

... I'm not being at all systematic here, just checking the schools where people I know work or have worked as they come to mind. Like Tufts, which should have been in my first batch:

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