Last night I was helping my friend smoke some meats, and he took this picture that definitely looks like a horror game. 😂

Behind the scenes of at

Tomorrow, I'm going to taste some wine. Specifically, myself and some friends are going to taste every wine they sell a single can of at Safeway, plus a few from DecantSF. 23 in all.

Our ratings and reviews will be available in the next issue of

The first issue of the Adult Juice Box zine is available now, exclusively at DecantSF in SoMa or by finding me directly.

I wanted there to be a zine about enjoying wine for yourself, without pretension, so I made one.

Recovering from my con crud by watching videos… starting with’s talk on automation!

Courtesy of’s shirt at , we are at the Cleveland Bagel Company.

Celebrating at last night in’s Cleveland with some truly fantastic tacos.

Oh hey neat! I got one of the lunchboxes from at ! Looking forward to messing with circuitpython.

The little touches are so nice. Do we thank for this?

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