Who needs an angel on top of the tree when you can have a demon from @LuBellWoo@twitter.com?

Good thing the sun isn’t super ominous this morning or anything.

Hey - if you liked my talk, come work with me! Or come ask me questions about Patreon

On my way to LA for PatreCon! See you there?

Hey anyone in Alameda or the East Bay need La Croix? 😄

Hey I got a cool keychain from @VMODA@twitter.com at !

My copy of @anitasarkeesian@twitter.com’s book came in! Was not expecting it to be so beautiful inside.

What’s that? You don’t have a copy? Consider fixing that.

A homebrew play in 4 acts:

Act 1: The Boil
Act 2: The Inevitable Boil-Over of the Unwatched Pot
Act 3: The Interminable Wait for the Wort to Cool
Act 4: The Closet Home Where Our Beer Hero Now Slumbers

Truly life-changing tip for me: In the macOS keyboard settings, set "Touch Bar Shows" to "Extended Control Strip" and get back all the media buttons you were missing.

It's like having the real buttons back!

Amazing photos by @KTamas@twitter.com printed live at !

Calling out how amazing it is that took the time to print these signs over what seems like every pillar in the public spaces. 💚

A shop in Portland showed me the generals I would follow into any battle.

Wow, uh, the level at which I backed @Microcosmmm@twitter.com’s Kickstarter is extremely Not Messing Around.

So excited to dig into these! (Cc @limedaring@twitter.com)

This seems like a reasonable haul from Australia.

I have spent my last $5AUD on the most important of purchases: Emperor’s Puffs.

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