In case you're curious what we're doing at @burbteam, this is how far we've come just this Summer

This shipping message from @Yamibuy has to be an opening to an ARG right?

Hey folk! Here's the data on what we could do to help fight climate change.

Heating electrification! Uban Infill! We can't let up on these issues at CC and Planning Board.

h/t @IDoTheThinking

I'm easing back into , and the first thing I see is Tony Daysog using meme font to scare us about housing minimums.


Calm down, my man

This is gonna be a nice long one. I think we're about halfway done, so grab a drink and chill with me for a bit.

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I listen to @MBMBaM and I’ve seen Patch Adams multiple times.

While I'm happy for @matt_levine, I am sad for myself and everyone else that doesn't get Money Stuff for the next few months.

Hey whatever team @discord had the brilliant idea of putting a status message bypass in the app loading, I _seriously_ salute you.

This is genius; more like this please.

Does anyone else think that we only find the idea of baking bread at home interesting because Western industrial capitalism has separated us from a bedrock of civilization that is still practiced by billions?

jk lol look at this sweet loaf!

Surprising possibly everyone, a good thing happened on reddit today.

The good thing was @hooleil gave an AMA and answered the IMPORTANT questions.

cc @tiffysniffs

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