Last night I was helping my friend smoke some meats, and he took this picture that definitely looks like a horror game. 😂

Over the next two weeks, the next issue of is going to drop, and blow the top off . Want a preview? Members can see what we thought of the Underwood Pinot Gris:

(Members who join now get both issues delivered!)

"A therapist is like a personal trainer for your brain" -- Casey Watts #TPCiP

Hey, so… are we gonna talk about the fact that a software engineer at Pinterest contributed to the doxxing of current and former employees there, because he didn’t agree with some of Pinterest’s policies?

Also: If this isn’t in your company’s threat models in 2019, why not?

I have just finished the first draft of my article reviewing canned wine by reviewing 24 different cans of wine. 🍷🎉

If you want to see the finished piece early, or get a physical copy of it 📫, join the :

Behind the scenes of at

We're going to be doing mini-reviews like this one, as well as a full article on canned wine. Become a member to get it all:

Hi friends! Do you want a copy of the Adult Juice Box zine mailed to your door? Do you want early access to the zine and the eventual podcast? Then become a member of the Patreon today:

Right now $5/mo will get you zine shipping (normally $10/mo!)

Call me crazy but I think if you can't manage or mentor women you probably shouldn't be a manager?

I swear it’s cooler in the East Bay than SF today.

I’m happy about this, but it’s weird.

Hi friends. I have spent the past year learning everything I could about wine. (See the wine zine I started producing last month) and I'm wondering:

If I did a call-in show about wine with some friends, a la Car Talk, would you listen? Would you call in?

"Slack for iPad" running on Mac will probably be more performant than the mutant child of chromium it's running right now.

Apple Voice Control is one of the coolest things demonstrated today.

Oh shit Apple decided it got jokes about iTunes. This is weird.

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