I am so emotionally exhausted all of the time.

I don't understand why I dread going to work when I like the people and I like the a work. I mean, I have a feeling the answer is depression, but it's still very inconvenient.

idk why I’ve been spending XOXO on Twitter when obviously Masto is the chill retreat I need. ANYWAY COME SAY HI I’m wearing a cherry patterned dress that HAS POCKETS.

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social.coop meta, my opinions 

Copied from chat:

Okay, so like others I anticipated this shit coming up eventually, but I have 3 jobs and developing a diversification strategy for an org dominated by clueless if well-meaning white guys is like...the kind of thing people get paid a year's salary for, not something a few people should volunteer to do on their own time. It's much, much harder to change direction once you've started. The rough outlines would have been:

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Finally showed C Paddington, which was an excellent way to lift up a stressful week.

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Do people shout at portraits as a convenience? “Dumbledore, what's 1 quart converted to cups?” “Snape, set the living room lights to 50%.” “Phineas, reorder trash bags.”

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I accidentally started talking about names on the birdsite and now I’m crying at work whoops

“No one ever told them that a summer day can kill” is lowkey one of the saddest lines in Les Mis.

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In this
trebuchet TERFS

(posted as image since I heard ascii art doesn't play nice with screen reading software)


This is probably the single worst idea Twitter has ever come up with and I hope to god if it is actually implemented that it hastens its own death. twitter.com/_cingraham/status/

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Looking for more moderators for mastodon.social (paid), DM me if you are interested.

If I find someone I will reply to this toot, so if you find this much later than now please check it for replies before applying.

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From my reading people seem to want reply numbers for one of two reasons:

1. Lets you know whether it’s likely useful to reply if you see a questions asked

2. Lets you know whether there are replies to read

I think for first I’d rather just have the ability to lock replies to a post. The poster then controls whether they’re still interested or not in hearing from people about it.

This doesn’t solve the second case tho.

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Junior dev: "I found the bug"

Senior dev: "I found a bug"

hi hello it has been pointed out to me that it is halfway through August and I have lost all sense of time

I thought I was sick-to-death of CSS professionally but now I'm at a shop that doesn't really take CSS seriously at all and apparently I'm still reeeaaaaal protective of all this.

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