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I’m a who believes in labour , , , and politics more broadly. I occasionally write essays about the intersection of tech and society on my blog.

When I’m not at work I read ( mainly, but also any nonfiction about human systems and why they’re so janky), go , and attempt various forms of (most recently and ). On Fridays I post . Nice to meet you!

turns out sleeping 10 hours across two nights hits VERY different in your 30s than your 20s, who knew

I thought we had taco seasoning for making nachos but we don’t, so I improv’d some chicken stir fry with vaguely taco-adjacent spices for toppings and tbh it was great, but I ate too many nachos and need to pass out now

thinking about technology-mediated consumption is neat (when it's not horrific)

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coincidentally I think getting the iPod is how I started listening to English music? I was pretty much exclusively into anime/jpop downloaded directly from webrings of fansites and lovingly burned onto CDs up till then, but 2004 was the Limewire/Yousendit era (for me, I know Limewire was 2000) and 2003 is when I started using Livejournal and meeting people who shared music, and having more than 700mbs meant I could throw a bunch of unknown music on my iPod and still have access to old favs.

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man, my first iPod was a silver mini that my parents got me for Christmas through a grocery store points program and my current one is a 7th gen nano that I've been using daily to listen to audiobooks to fall asleep since like 2014. if I have to go back to a janky-ass mp3 player I will but I just want another iPod mini tbh tbqh

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Me: this is more of a cat than a question
Lecturer: ??
Me: *gently lobs a cat onto the stage*

is it because I keep reading the news, could that possibly have anything to do with it

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having a very high anxiety despite having slept a full 7.5 hours, I want my money back

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If anyone missed it last night, I've launched a BBS (yes, an old-school BBS, text interface, you access it via telnet) to act as a chill social hangout for #trans folk.

Since it just went live, it's very small, but if we can grow it into a cozy little community, I think it could be pretty great.

If you're interested in the details, contact me directly.

Boosts are also appreciated!

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#metatext just got updated with a couple of bug fixes, namely the annoying emoji misplacement on iOS 15. I'm so grateful for the developer who picked this up after a year of no updates.

hello and welcome to another edition of Friday , brought to you late by day of yarn dependency resolutions (1/3)

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A Love Letter From the End of the World
by Saint

"The apocalypse is continual as there is no perfect destination or some ultimate revolutionary point that we reach. I often notice this almost religious fervor reminds me of a lot of evangelicals in the so-called Leftist Movements and Scenes. They want abolition without the mess. They want us to reach a final goal where we can throw up our hands and say we are done!

The Left often reminds me of Christian cults that so often pop up and declare that they are the second coming of Christ or that it was revealed to them how to lead Earth into a new era. The issue is that no one is coming to save us...

Words like revolution and abolition are not supposed to pencil you in but are an incomplete sketch of a map to show us where we are going because as of right now we can only dream of what liberation looks like. I believe that it is beyond any of our wildest imaginations. To me, the only way out of the predicament we find ourselves in is not prayers, leftist leaders, or good thoughts but the Continual Abolition of the World."

how many elegant takes against crypto will I read and share with glee? at least one more

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Honest query: what actionable things can we (the plebs) do to fix this and all the other steaming dog piles left on our doorstep?

I'm feeling real angry and pessimistic and think we need to do more than donate money/protest/call MOCs. I don't know what.

three hours into this one hour process I discovered I needed amd64 and not arm and that was just the tip of the iceberg

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have anyone ever been as arrogant as I was when I attempted to build and deploy a new networked system from docker with no documentation, thinking “this can’t take more than an hour or two, surely”

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