have anyone ever been as arrogant as I was when I attempted to build and deploy a new networked system from docker with no documentation, thinking “this can’t take more than an hour or two, surely”

three hours into this one hour process I discovered I needed amd64 and not arm and that was just the tip of the iceberg

@jalefkowit the thing is I say this ironically, knowing I will regret it, and yet I never change my ways

@phire /am simultaneously doing two “how hard could it be?” things at once both of which hit the point of “very hard indeed” yesterday and today I’m just taking a day to consider where the fuck I’ve led myself.

@arthurwyatt the high quality content you follow me for

@phire Been at this for 23 years, and it still happens at least once a year, usually on a night when I have some really important personal plans going on.

@phire see if you can get a VPS set up for you in AWS

@cadey I’ve decided I’m putting 2 more hours in tomorrow, including writing a compose, and then if I still can’t get it to work I’m giving up and going this route

@phire Docker is a seductive time-well, not helped by the fact that everybody acts like it's easy.

@phire yuuuup that was me a few months back “hey I could replicate this whole Ruby on Rails local dev environment as a docker container, gimme a couple days to learn this” *month later* “haha fuck docker forever”

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