having a very high anxiety despite having slept a full 7.5 hours, I want my money back


is it because I keep reading the news, could that possibly have anything to do with it

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@phire You might think that. You might very well think that.

@phire is it the news or is it the social media feedback of the news, that is the question 💀

@phire Whenever I go look at twitter I do the Grandpa Simpson Walking In And Turning Back Around gif.

@zompus @phire only with more republicans and horrible billionaires saying the robots with laser rifles traversing the mounds of skulls are good, actually.

@zompus @phire for acuracy the republicans/billionaire would be “we are building the skull robot” and it would be the pundits and op-ed writers who are all “why that is good”

@zompus @phire feels good not to have given a shit about a single op-ed “take” since downscaling my activities there.

@arthurwyatt @phire Same, in addition I'm actively trying not to post my own twitter-style takes on the news, because why change platforms without changing my own behavior.

@zompus @phire deleting my angry post about why the author of “opposing the skull-bots could cost democrats in the mid-terms” sucks.

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