I really enjoyed this piece on video game design philosophy, and how the prevailing risk-averse trend of making games only with mechanics that are already legible to players has stunted the possibility of an innovative future of game design

@phire Am reading that now, just got to that Nicolas V linkedin post about gaming in 2030 and I thought that was a post making fun of trends in gaming. A very NotTheOnion moment.

@phire Okay read to the end and I'm thinking about the similarities between this trend in games and Star Wars / Game of Thrones / other expensive eye candy entertainment. Hugely expensive spectacles of art and special effects but devoid of storytelling or fun.

@zompus Yeah 100%. The slowdown of culture across the board has been bleaaaak.

@phire In those two examples I think of it like the IP's got bought by hedge funds and then raided and extracted of any value, until there's nothing left, and the empty husk gets tossed aside. Especially since one of the D's that ran Game of Thrones is a Goldman Sachs son.

@phire "A famous singer may generate more income from a sponsored post on Instagram than through album sales of their chart topping album. People already famous from producing “works” are now focused on meta-work, their cultural capital gained from doing that work in the first place now refocused on producing content related to their strongest signifiers." ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

@phire sort of related is the recurring thought I have is that Instagram is just the Home Shopping Network for the under 45 consumer bracket.

@phire I keep coming back to Plants versus Zombie getting jacked by EA and turned into a pay to play maximization machine.

@zompus @phire pretty much the entire mobile field went the same way soon after.

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