hello and welcome to another edition of Friday , brought to you late by day of yarn dependency resolutions (1/3)

I’d been taking climbing videos by propping my phone against my water bottle, which is what most people at my gym do, but which is annoying when there’s lots of people at the gym bc you can’t always guarantee a clear line of sight from the benches, so I got this today - it hooks onto my popsocket! I mainly just really enjoy that it looks like a lil rubber wire dog

So a thing I’d been doing on the birdsite for the last 8 months or so is posting every Friday, in an attempt to break up the endless streams of misery. Masto is much less miserable ofc, but who doesn’t like memes? So you get 12 every week, limited primarily by my attention span for writing alt-text. Welcome! (1/3)

Can anyone help me figure out why my dang URL verification isn't working? This is what I have set on my site


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