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Justice Alito points out, in his draft, "an unbroken tradition of prohibiting #abortion on pain of criminal punishment persisted from the earliest days of the common law until 1973."

Speaking in my capacity as a historian, I would assess that thesis as "egregiously wrong" (to use Alito's words) or utterly full of shit (to use my own).

Abortions really only became illegal on a wide scale in the 1800s. Doctors started to understand human gestation better. Toss in professional competition with abortion providers as the medical profession is trying to standardize, mix it with some good old-fashioned misogyny, and there you go.

Anti-choice laws have some to do with the dangers of the procedure, but mostly to do with controlling women's bodies.

I’m playing Rogue Legacy after everyone recommended it to me after a shitpost tweet last year and it’s been a while since I’ve felt so utterly inept at a game!

why are “family bonding things” always “things jenny doesn’t enjoy” like “traipsing around an off-leash dog park in misting rain with other wet dogs” and never “sitting quietly under a dry blanket and reading a book with no unbidden noise or interruptions”

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Much of the independent web relies on Patreon to organize financial support.

The good folks at @comradery are building an ethical alternative as a co-op.

One of their rules is "no bosses, no cops". It's not meant for businesses (even nonprofits like the one I work for) but for independent creators, workers, activists, and co-ops.

If that could be a good fit for anything you our your friends are doing, maybe give them a follow here to stay updated as they're building the platform!

I’d been taking climbing videos by propping my phone against my water bottle, which is what most people at my gym do, but which is annoying when there’s lots of people at the gym bc you can’t always guarantee a clear line of sight from the benches, so I got this today - it hooks onto my popsocket! I mainly just really enjoy that it looks like a lil rubber wire dog

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linkedin is just furaffinity for businesssonas

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mastodon isn't silent and dead if you understand from the get-go that you've got to follow like a MFer and prune people back later. some of the other alt social media are .... just silent and dead

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it turns out I have completely forgotten how to book travel in the past *checks watch* 26 months

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it could go side-by-side with a "It has been [___] days since the dog ran headlong into a closed door" sign

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C doesn't want me to draw a "It has been [___] days since the dog peed indoors" sign on our whiteboard, it's like he doesn't think I'm funny or something

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Do you want to teach Art Games & Playable Media in an intersectional feminist, queer/trans, decolonial program in the redwoods by the beach? We've had some big changes around here & are hiring lecturers for next year asap! Apply here: DM me with questions!

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There are lots of technical differences, of course, but the fundamental difference may be this. On a good day, when it's really humming, and two or three big topics have everyone's attention, Twitter gives you the feeling that you've jacked into The World. Mastodon feels like wandering through a foreign city at night, and every time you turn a corner, you catch a glimpse of something happening through a door or window, and realize that the world is still being created from the ground up.

So a thing I’d been doing on the birdsite for the last 8 months or so is posting every Friday, in an attempt to break up the endless streams of misery. Masto is much less miserable ofc, but who doesn’t like memes? So you get 12 every week, limited primarily by my attention span for writing alt-text. Welcome! (1/3)

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