Months ago I switched from Spotify to Tidal. And it's been great, except for the part where it absolutely eviscerates me

Attention game jammers:
Summer Slow Jams themes are here!

June: Character Creator
July: Stealth
August: Boss Battle for more info!


May events are on the calendar! You'll notice there's a SPEED MEET on there and some ART/CODE/GAME nights in prep for Summer Slow Jams, which will be announced soon...
We're doing an impromptu coworking & games night on Saturday if you wanna hang out soon!

PS: All of these events are virtual and open to anyone around the world!

I'm currently running something like an in my old apartment, because I had a week left on the lease after all my stuff got moved out and I couldn't just let it sit empty! (

Tonight I did an "avatar playthrough" for my patreon supporters. I've neither run nor played a game like this before, although I've heard of escape rooms being run this way since the pandemic. And it totally worked! We had a great time.


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