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You cannot flush the toilet in Stanley Parable Ultra Deluxe

if you were wondering what happens when (doesn't allow the letter E) meets (only allows the letter E):

What clown called it Getting Worse At Writing Music For Lack Of Practice and not Decomposing.

My requests for code reviews have devolved to a link to the PR and the word "yeet."

It has been 0️⃣ days since I have wanted to abolish time zones

...or maybe it's been one day. No wait, it's not midnight UTC yet. Still zero days


May events are on the calendar! You'll notice there's a SPEED MEET on there and some ART/CODE/GAME nights in prep for Summer Slow Jams, which will be announced soon...
We're doing an impromptu coworking & games night on Saturday if you wanna hang out soon!

PS: All of these events are virtual and open to anyone around the world!

I think part of what made this so successful is that my patrons are (a) really nice, (b) really smart, and (c) familiar with the genre. Plus, they like me, so they were willing to put up with the "not designed for internet play" jankiness of the experience.

I hope I'll have a reason to do something like this again! ... other than moving. Trying to do something that's not moving while you're moving? Bad plan. Do not recommend. 😆

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The results:
With minimal prompting, they solved the main puzzle, and with a few extra hints, they eventually found everything there was to find. It ended up going for two whole hours! (There wasn't anyone booked after them, thankfully.)
My phone died right as they were deciphering the final thing. It couldn't have timed it better. Did I think to bring a charger? Course not! When I'm not streaming video it has like an 8-hour battery life.

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The logistics:
I gave them special roles in my Discord and opened a voice channel just for them. Then I joined the channel on my phone with voice and video. The players gave me commands over voice, treating me like a slightly-smarter-than-average cursor. They were free to screenshot things, google things, take notes, etc on their ends. As I'm in the middle of moving, I have no idea where my tripod or anything is, so I just held the phone in my hand the whole time, and it worked fine.

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I'm currently running something like an in my old apartment, because I had a week left on the lease after all my stuff got moved out and I couldn't just let it sit empty! (

Tonight I did an "avatar playthrough" for my patreon supporters. I've neither run nor played a game like this before, although I've heard of escape rooms being run this way since the pandemic. And it totally worked! We had a great time.

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Hi! I'm Qristy (NextLevelBanana; I make games and game-adjacent experiences. I try to keep my posts bummer-free.
My wheelhouse:
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esp. & community (I'm hearing w/ HOH family, studied sign linguistics in college)

(Pacific Northwest) (delayed sleep phase syndrome)

HOLD UP mastodon instances have custom emoji??

:mastodon: :is: :win:

This is the dumbest possible way to spend approximately $15/year, but here we are


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