My post-XOXO resolution: spend a little bit of time every day playing guitar. I'm not gonna take over the Internet with my crazy riffs any time soon (in fact, I play like garbage) but it's a useful reminder I can do something other than type or cook with these hands and this brain. Plus: oooooh, all the gear.

It is 6am. I have been awake for two hours. (My 3 y/o son thankfully has not.) I am in a state of panic about the future of my home country (the USA) but thankfully able to work on it b/c my day job is in politics, which means it's gratifying and infuriating in equal measure.

Regardless, thank you to everyone out there preserving our democracy, civil rights, and identity as a progressive nation. I see you and value your contributions. Also please help me see more people doing the work. Thanks.

I am such an old/dad I now have a wallet-style case for my phone. Only problem is it has room for _one_ card. So what shall it be? Hop (transit) card? Fancy airport lounge pass? Random stack of old business cards? I really don't know what to do here.

I think one of the most pernicious misunderstandings about tech management is the assumption that managers should make critical decisions. In the best case I as a manager try to listen to, document, and support the decisions my team makes, and communicate decisions made elsewhere that impact them. If I override or preempt the team that's a bad sign.

Fellow cyclists approaching the big 4-0: do injuries become as permanent as I fear they do, or is there still hope for knitted bones, tendons, and muscles getting you through future rides, races, and tours? (Asking for a friend, who is obviously actually me.)

Upon reflection I’ve decided that re-following 500 tweeps is against the zen of mastodon. I’m going to let a few seed follows lead me to interesting discussions (just like I did on the bird site) and go from there.

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Day 10 after losing my phone in a DC cab: the old iPhone 6S has been reactivated, 2FA handshakes have been made, and T-mo finally figured out how to backport my number so Signal works again. It has been, how do you say, “a process?”

Has the “bridge” app to find bird site friends worked for anyone here recently? I’ve been getting an opaque server error on the last step (I.e., see lots of familiar avatars but can’t actually go through with the follow step.)

I'm Lennon (he/him). I work at the DNC, live in Portland, and as of this year will have attended every XOXO but '13. (I had an invite but was getting married at the time and my wife weirdly didn't want me to fly back and forth.)

I try to make the boring back-end parts of websites/services work, or at least not fall down and bump their head.

Previous gigs include Twitter, Stripe, Urban Airship, and Dark Horse Comics, as well as some lesser-known orgs.

Can't wait for this year's fest!

:wave: dipping into the waters here in hopes it'll finally let me divest from the bird co., and so happy to see so many familiar faces/handles already on board


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