I would love to leave FB. I would love to leave Twitter. I can't. Not if I want to (successfully) continue doing my job as a journalist/producer/independent person. If I want Flash Forward to succeed and find listeners, I need FB. If I want editors to remember who I am, I need Twitter. It shouldn't be the responsibility of independents to push publishing/media away from the hell that is Twitter/FB.

I'm stoked to see so many friends bail on Twitter and FB! It's great. I'd love to see media entities push back on the power they give FB both institutionally and personally. When editors stop relying on Twitter as a way to find writers, when publishing companies stop using Twitter as a success metric, then maybe I could leave!


Yes this is very selfish! I'm prioritizing my professional success over a statement about the ethics of FB's business practices. I feel bad about that! But I also can't just throw out the main tools I use to make money without a backup plan?

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