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Incels and self-harm 

This is fucking amazing and well worth your time. What do incels and trans people have in common?

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"When you are on a walk, it's extremely important to be on HIGHEST ALERT when you go past that one tree that had a squirrel on its trunk that one time." - from A Guide To Being A Dog, by Seamus Wheaton.

weekend productivity 

✅ get a good night’s sleep
✅ rake weeds out of sidewalk
eat food
planning/scheduling convo with Jenny
go see movie with family
art project

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I guess one serious post I will make is this: there is a real movement to threaten, endanger, and literally kill journalists for doing their jobs. The tactics (doxing, stalking, calls for doxing and stalking, death threats, lies or misleading statements in order to stir people up) are replicable and are being replicated. This is now part of the job description. It shouldn’t have to be. The only allies we have are members of the public who can discern and call out dishonesty.

look since this isn’t birdsite I’ll say it:

I love potatoes. all of them, cooked every way

I am going running, then back to work, then need to check in on several friends, then should really mow the lawn, then clean the house, then quality time with kids and ahhhhh


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