to me, non-binary encompasses a range of gender expression (up to and including an absence) so I don't really get it when some enbies seem to actively exclude femme expression

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Like, I do not consider myself femme but I also don't feel like my gender expression is a rejection of femme and I can see reincorporating some femme elements at some point

Also I have not seen this expressed nearly as frequently or as vehemently for masc presentation

anyway, all enbies are valid - you can't be "too femme" or "too masc" or whatever, I support you <3

@spideyj we're rebelling against a box we've been confined in for far too long, that we never liked much to begin with, but now actively resent

@tekniklr I get that for one's own personal expression - it's when it gets extended beyond that to policing other folx presentation (enby and otherwise) that I find it troubling

@spideyj I don't understand AFAB enbies who are extremely femme, but I don't understand lots of things so don't read too much into it, and certainly don't tell them they are doing enby wrong

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