I'm thinking about getting the Hue smart bulbs for my bedroom because it seems like it would help to be able to dim and brighten the lights around bed time and waking. Anyone using them or other smart bulbs? Thoughts?

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Thank you all for your responses - I ordered a starter kit and I feel reassured that this will do what I want

@spideyj i have a LIFX bulb for that exact purpose and it's great, don't think the bulb brand particularly matters as long as it has a timer mode with color temp control.

iirc @porsupah has a Hue setup…

@spideyj That's one approach.
I'm using a dawn-simulator alarm clock to help me through the Dutch winter, and that does a pretty good job. I *think* it also has a dusk mode, but that's less of an issue for me.

@eldergoth I used to have one of those and I liked it a lot until it died on me. They cost about the same as the starter kit though and seem slightly less versatile I think

@spideyj yeah, I do this with lifx bulbs and stringify. I used to have one of those dawn alarm clocks, but it was terrible and useless in comparison.

@tekniklr yeah, I used to have one of those but it died on me after a year or so. Smart bulbs seem more useful

@spideyj @tekniklr the Hue is very reliable, and the dimmer light switches are very great for spots where you might want the ability to not find your phone. My porch light is on a sunset timer the i never have to fiddle with when seasons or DST changes.

@microwavenby @tekniklr haha yeah, given my cat's tendency to hide my phone from me that would be extremely helpful

@spideyj @tekniklr I mean in the case of my living room, all the lights are Hue, so.. it's a kindness to my houseguests as well

@spideyj Hue bulbs are my fav, because they don't rely on the internet to work, everything runs locally in your house network. I've been using them for like 6-7 years now!

@aaronpk oh, that is very good to know - I'm looking forward to getting them set up later this week!

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