oh dear, there are spiderweb docs

I'm supposed to own these I think

I have gotten many compliments on this shirt today

Also I have these great shoes that @thomask8D@twitter.com gave me

Today my gender is spoopy (and most other days tbh)

It turns out that blowing up trees is a really good way to blow off steam (also I have a lot of apples now)

Like, yes, I could explain this and then we'll both feel worse....

Orrrrr you could just stop when I ask you to.

Some awesome person sent me this and I have a guess who it is but I'm not sure


Teto spent ten minutes yelling about what a might hunter he is for catching his toy mouse

Added some patches to my jacket (thanks @lizdenys@twitter.com for the NB Novas patch)

(I can't help but think of the tree in The Last Unicorn though)

My cat is a weird monkey and I love him even though he sometimes makes bedtime hard

There are many many reasons @roseveleth@twitter.com is the best and this lovely and thoughtful mug is but one of them

I had to rearrange my buttons and pins to make room for Teto, and added a @PrivateVics@twitter.com button - come get one @xoxo@twitter.com!

omg I finally found the fucking notification sound setting

My jacket is becoming increasingly GAAAAAAAAY ๐ŸŒˆ๐ŸŒˆ๐ŸŒˆ

Teto is very involved in the unpacking process on my return from WorldCon

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