Some dude messaged me on OKC in Japanese and he wrote my name in kanji which is just all of the nope

I'm thinking something like this although I have no idea how to get it to my apt (I can't have things delivered here without them getting stolen plus the buzzer doesn't work and I don't think having a chair delivered at work and then schlepping it home via Lyft is gonna work)

Today's card: Queen of Cups
this card is about communicating your feelings authentically, possibly with a maternal figure

Two plus seasons of Callie sleeping with men AND women and the word bisexual has yet to be uttered by anyone

The Tarot Handbook also has a way of determining your personality and soul cards based on your birth date, which turns out to be one card for me: The Hierophant

Today's card: The Star, reversed. I'm trying to find my way but it's still a bit dark

*mutters under breath*
not my job to educate
not my job to educate
not my job to educate
not my job

Today's card: Six of Cups! (And Teto assisting with the reading)
Representing energizing pleasure - definitely something on my mind right now.

I'm trying to learn tarot and I figured I'd start by doing one card a day. I'm going to try and thread these and use if you want to follow along or mute Right now I'm using either Mystic Mondays or Instant Archetypes and referring to The Tarot Handbook.

Yes, if I too were a highly paid professional assassin, I would spend my money on fancy clothes and delicious food.

Basically this but I'm keeping the part where red is the official color of the day instead of orange

but also the day of telling your friends you love them

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