I wasn't sure at first whether this fortune meant between me and Chinese food or me and @arianabeewitch@twitter.com and I think my conclusion is it's both

Shitting on the nineties by watching a true crime show about them

You might think the problem is that I put his bed there but a) he keeps moving it b) he actually likes to stand next to his bed right in the middle

I like to sleep in a padded room surrounded by my weird pets

I bit my tongue or burned it or something, so painful ๐Ÿ˜ฉ

I should stick to soft foods while it heals probably but it's so hard

And ofc I'm on the biscuits episode and I want to make some lovely crisp crackers

Sometimes Paul Hollywood reminds me of the Emperor in Amadeus "it's just got too many flavors"

Tonight I assuaged my cooped up feelings by baking chocolate chip cookie bars

Not beautiful, but delicious Chinese cabbage rolls (I'll post the recipe tomorrow- I have to type it up first)

You know it's cold in my apartment when my cat doesn't want to come hang out with me while I cook dinner

I'm feeling so attacked by this season of Bojack

I don't want to be Diane

Seriously not here for men shitting on movies made by and for women

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