(That's not my name, dude. I'm not here to help you study either.)

Some dude messaged me on OKC in Japanese and he wrote my name in kanji which is just all of the nope

but I've been frustrated because my shoes are letting down my style game rn

Me: I shouldn't buy new shoes until I go through my old ones and get rid of some
Also me: orders several new pairs of shoes

I mostly hate listening to other white people talk about politics

If I learned nothing else from my education classes, it's that the public school system is designed to create loyal patriotic workers for the machine of capitalism and actual learning is secondary at best to that

It's been a long since I've worked in the public school system here but iirc teachers are required to sign a loyalty pledge (pls correct me if I'm wrong) although I think California also protects students rights not to say the pledge of allegiance

In Botswana we had assembly on Fridays and we sang the national anthem (sadly I can only remember the opening lines any more) but that was the extent of it

It's wild to me how Americans will be like, oh, that country is so oppressive and we are the most free but then we make kids pledge allegiance to the flag every morning? You know not everywhere does that kind of thing, right

I'm thinking something like this although I have no idea how to get it to my apt (I can't have things delivered here without them getting stolen plus the buzzer doesn't work and I don't think having a chair delivered at work and then schlepping it home via Lyft is gonna work)

One of my goals is to clear out one of the corners and get a comfy but not too expensive chair to relax in

The kind of fashion monster I am is me looking at drawers I just cleared out thinking how much room I made for more clothes ๐Ÿ˜‚

I thought I went through all of my clothes but I forgot a whole dresser AND a nightstand lolsob

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