On a packed bus and the seats to either side of me are empty... One of the dubious benefits of being fat on public transit

Watching The Matrix is definitely a different experience after you've hatched

I feel extremely attacked by this chapter on rest in The Fuck It Diet

Extremely tempted to go see John Wick 3 again this weekend

Food did arrive quickly but oh boy that is not a mistake I'll repeat any time soon

Also I made the mistake of taking my meds on an empty stomach so now I'm hoping food gets here soon

They're showing a plot summary of John Wick before the John Wick triple feature lol

@amydentata we are the BEST at combining Puritanical ideals with capitalist exploitation

@sorreltyree so far it's pretty great, I need to finish reading it before I can make a full recommendation though

woot, have my Junji Ito tattoo booked for my trip to Chicago, I am STOKED

I guess I'll try the CosRX ceramide cream next? or is my face just being all temporarily reactive because I haven't done any skincare in a while...

Because I started going for walks regularly I committed to wearing sunscreen and taking care of my skin better too. So of course my face decides it hates my moisturizer now. ๐Ÿ˜ฉ

Not that health is the only thing when it comes to food. You should be able to enjoy it!!! And not spend all your time worrying about it. That life is exhausting and stressful, which is way worse for you than any food.

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