So if you're a human on Mastodon let me know

The most popular Mastodon client is Moa

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me: it's important you take a least a couple of photos of what's going on so you remember in future years
also me:

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the design of twitter & other follow-boost services like tumblr or mastodon is fundamentally untenable and will always create conflict on such scales that people will feel like their only response is violence

Inside you there are 30-50 feral hogs.

:drake_dislike: not having drake emoji on slack
:drake_like: drake emoji on all slacks

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Opera singers dubbed with dial up modems are gonna be big this summer

The hello world has turned into two major projects, but my focus is still shitty about 50% of the time on average.

Today I worked through one of the two major projects to a 'done prototype' level.

I made something awesome from this shitty hello world and I will continue

Having a shitty focus day but worked through a hello world level problem end to end.

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Mastalab renamed to Fedilab so now I dont have to explain the name isn't euphemistic

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