Hey, y'all. I'm moving accounts from here to @trevorflowers. It's the same instance but now it'll be my actual name.

@zvava I'd hope that nobody would still think in terms of wealth but that said I'm training to be a machinist partly because I suspect that it's a handy skill in many scenarios.

@smellsofbikes Although, I might try to load a linuxcnc into a VM since I'll be driving the simulator instead of driving a CNC.

@smellsofbikes I just swapped out the PC that runs my tiny CNC router so I have a PC sitting around that could (I think) run linuxcnc. It's on the list!

I mean, that last one is a given, tbh. The question is really, "What else will I do?"

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There's a piece of industrial + product design for a wearable that I could pull off of the back burner. I could design, manufacture, and sell a short run of even smaller (1:36 scale?) Memex. I could remix components of Transmutable Soundstage (RIP) into a different Wider Web app. I could spend the Summer making WiderWeb.org and Machines.social into fan-friking-tastic services for those two communities. Or, I could rewatch Star Trek shows and play with my configs and hw.

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This Summer my machining program offers only a weekend option so I won't be in class on week days. My usual places to pick up contract coding work are freaked out by the coming crash so they're not hiring. I wonder what I'll do instead.

@utopiah @derwinmcgeary @PINE64 Yes, they sent a survey to customers a few weeks ago and asked what they should make next. Of course I wrote that they should make a HMD that boots into Wolvic. 😸

@utopiah @derwinmcgeary The Lynx may be better than the others but it isn't open source and its hardware designs are based on proprietary chips. This is simply unacceptable for a device that sits between our senses and the world.

Hey, you.

👉 You are worthy of love. 👈

That day when you were a kid and an adult treated you like junk? Yeah, then too. Today when you did something that your kid brain made up to protect you from adults? Yep. Maybe even double yep.

Every ding dang day.

I just pushed "Go!" on the final issue of the Transmutable News Weekly. In this issue I get preachy about the future and your role therein.

"We're pivoting to business uses cases" is now the consumer product equivalent of a politician "stepping down to spend time with my family".

That's ~100 more hours per year to flop on the sofa and rewatch Star Trek while playing with neovim configurations!

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For the first time in many years I am in no way paid to type words.

When I use the thumbs-free Nebula app to watch creator economy style videos I realize how thoroughly trained I am to smash that like button.

@blair Yes, I'm definitely pushing the definition to (if not past) the breaking point. It would, I suspect, change the role of shared goals and coordinated action. Perhaps the goals and actions would need to be stable and externally defined to result in anything resembling production. Not that production is the only driving force that groups of people collaborate.

In case you didn't know, I maintain a list of space opera novels by cisgender women, non-binary, and trans authors!

There are hundreds of books to read, and the list is not complete (use the form to suggest missing works)!

Share the resource :) docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d

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