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Daniel Pink summarizes 50 years of motivation science: "if-then rewards are only effective motivators for simple and short-term tasks." Hashtag yup

I love learning new skills even a little bit because it allows me to more fully appreciate skilled people. So many acts seem easy without the context that I'm witnessing amazing feats. Knowing a little allows me to feel awe, and thus happiness.

Big shop managers and factory procurement and purchasing folks must be magic because it takes a lot to procure, purchase, maintain and orchestrate everything for even my dinky production line.

A bit of routine maintenance and then I'll start a print of what might be (tolerances and post-process willing) the first shippable body of a new product.

I love pretty much everything on this page of 3D printer art that also houses computers:

I just put to bed another issue of the Immersive Web Weekly in which I cover Rhodonite, Bosworth on Bloomberg, AR in Onshape, and googly eyes (of all things). It goes out in 20 minutes so get in while the getting is good.

Purchasing progress for the first lot:
✅ Cable assemblies
✅ Cable ports
✅ Pin headers
✅ Sample of rev 2 circuit boards
✅ Nuts and bolts
✅ Resin
The cable assemblies are estimated for mid-April but given *waves hand at market* I'll be pleased if that actually happens.

My wristlet thinger prompts me to breath when it senses stress and so far I've appreciated it instead of feeling rebellion. Is this... growth?

I'm moving into the purchasing phase now that procurement is complete and the custom part designs are tested and stable enough that I'm comfortable committing money at a larger (but still small) scale. I'm negotiating the cable assembly prices and have ordered the resin. Unless the global supply chain collapses thanks to trade wars, chip plant fires, global pandemics, and ships running aground this first batch will be 100 units of a single stock keeping unit (SKU).

The new soybean-based resins are pretty versatile in terms of appearance and tactile experience with relatively minor changes to the initial print and post-processing. Their energy footprint and cradle-to-grave cycle is excellent compared to most other options for this use. These case design iterations all use the same resin with variations in UV curing time, alcohol or water baths, and a few drops of black dye.

After a design research phase it can be fun to move on to persona development. Over the years I picked up a few tricks to encourage stakeholders to remember and enjoy "working for" the personas during the design process:
🌸 Alliteration in names
🌸 A one-line description of their role
🌸 A color code associated with each persona

My main problem with wearable devices is that I'd rather disassemble them than wear them.

Whelp. I dove into a new domain of work, looked at all of the existing open tools, and now I'm writing personas and scenarios.🤷

I write, edit, publish, and tinker with this free weekly thinger for the W3C's Immersive Web Community Group. It's all about making a wider web:

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I just put to bed issue 43 of the Immersive Web Weekly in which I cover Boids, XREngine, Panopticon Parents, Axel F (of all things) and much more. A lot of news this week!

Two more weeks in this contract and then I'm free*!

* free to hustle** for different work

** after a break

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