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Note to self: Store filament in an airproof container and not in the extruder.

I'm willing to have a change of heart if the germ situation changes but at the mo I feel permanently finished with large in-person gatherings.

I enjoy reading my LinkedIn feed but it feels like everyone else is posting about their new funding rounds, big deals, and hiring while I occasionally post about resin prints and cable assemblies.

The custom cable assemblies unexpectedly arrived weeks earlier than estimated. DigiKey under promised and over delivered.

The CAD for my new thing is finished but I'm still futzing with the resin mix. Here are four faceplates made with different mixes of white and clear soybean goo. From left to right: 100% white, 20% white, 10% white, and 0% white.

While looking through the stickers in Friday's open hardware summit merch bag I noticed the neat one from the Cyrcle Phone folks. I hadn't tuned in to the project for a while but it looks like it's making progress!

boy is everybody who has ever written software collectively sighing in relief about that USA court decision

If your decentralization tech doesn't plan for what happens when the wealthy decide to vie for control then keep it to yourself because that's worse than transparent centralization.

In trying different mixes of white and clear resin for printing parts I discovered one ratio that looks a whole lot like a bodily fluid. So... it's not useful for this product but I guess it's good to know.

Protolabs' quote for producing a single unit of a resin part is roughly the same as the cost of a consumer grade SLA printer that is more than capable of printing the part. ๐Ÿคฃ

We don't truly understand what we mean when we use the word "understand".

"As innocuous as it may sound, โ€œgrowthโ€ should be understood to describe the frenzied ruination of nearly every ecosystem on the planet so that its richest human inhabitants can hold on to their privileges for another generation or two." - Ben Ehrenreich

I'm allergic to old hands shooting off their mouths about how nobody will solve hard problems that we currently face; so sure of themselves while using antiquated language and puffing up their laced collars to attract consulting work. They could be deeply valuable but instead they siphon away utility. Hashtag subtweet.

Daniel Pink summarizes 50 years of motivation science: "if-then rewards are only effective motivators for simple and short-term tasks." Hashtag yup

I love learning new skills even a little bit because it allows me to more fully appreciate skilled people. So many acts seem easy without the context that I'm witnessing amazing feats. Knowing a little allows me to feel awe, and thus happiness.

Big shop managers and factory procurement and purchasing folks must be magic because it takes a lot to procure, purchase, maintain and orchestrate everything for even my dinky production line.

A bit of routine maintenance and then I'll start a print of what might be (tolerances and post-process willing) the first shippable body of a new product.

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