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If you're happy
And you know it
Still we die

If you're happy
And you know it
Still we die

If you're happy
And you know
Still by age or plague
Or bullet

If you're happy
And you know it
Still we die

i've tagged out 600+ open source, experimental and tiny tools by their qualities and built a new website for sorting through them!

these are all tools towards joyful digital creation, with the goal of enabling working entirely outside of proprietary systems- moving instead from one hand-made software to another.

(the list takes submissions if it is missing yours >:))

The fundamental core of art as commodity is that its value is in its scarcity and not in its content.

There is a secondary consideration, of making art under capitalism, where artists are motivated to sell art work to pay for food and shelter and the free time to continue making art, and that can't be easily dismissed. Art having a perceived value that justifies paying for it is a problem of this capitalist context. But that should not be conflated with art's value being in its salability.

I just published issue 46 of the Immersive Web Weekly. This week I covered the 2021 WebXR Developer Summit, Google Flooming, eco-NFTs, and Foviated Rendering.

Good to see this getting some coverage. Full support for inclusive naming. “The Fight Over Offensive Terms in Computing”

I'll cover more details in tomorrow's Immersive Web Weekly but the announcements for the WebXR Developer Summit are going out now!
🌸 Produced by the WebXR Awards team
🌸 Hosted by me (🙀)
🌸 Live on flat screens and in HMDs on May 25th

I'm ready for a Marvel-scale Gothic Cinematic Universe (GCU) written by creeps instead of cheerleaders, please and thank you. This video has a bit of background on "gothic", "goths", and Roman invaders:

To make a part I...
🌸 Draw the design in FreeCAD
🌸 Export the design to the printer and print
🌸 Post process by washing and then UV light curing
🌸 Clean up any rough bits with the rotary tool that sits on the shelf above the heat guns

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People seem interested in how resin printing works so here's a picture of my smaller workstation which I use for prototypes:
🌸 Tiny resin printer
🌸 Vat for bathing parts in alcohol
🌸 UV curing light
🌸 Silicone mats to protect the bench
🌸 Cleaning supplies
🌸 Weight scale

Nut capture pocket on the inner wall of a deep channel? Hee hee hee!

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The old school machinist in me feels a little bit of joy every time I add a feature to a resin-printable design that would be impossible to produce on a mill or lathe.

I wish that I could rate limit specific sets of accounts so that I see no more than N toots per hour from them. This is not a subtoot about anyone's rate, just that Is like to mix my timeline by ratio of topics and tones.

Say hello to Transmutable Swan serial number 1, sporting the Adafruit FeatherWing OLED.

RT @AJamesMcCarthy
Today the @Space_Station briefly transited the 5.6% crescent moon. This was the most difficult transit I've ever attempted to capture- it required taking over 150 pictures per second to make sure I got it lined up properly. #astrophotography #space #opteam

So far I'm enjoying and learning a lot from this year's Open Source Hardware Association Summit. I haven't made time to travel to it before but the one-day, fully-remote conference format is quite nice. Lots of good info and projects that I didn't know about. Also! How did I not already know about the Twirling Tech Goddess?!

The design is locked in and production of the first batch of my new thinger officially starts today!
* wakes up, pours 200g of soybean goo, presses the "print" button, and goes back to sleep *

Today is the 13th anniversary of joining my coworking space, Office Nomads. Being either fully remote or self-employed for decades, it's sort of wild to have a consistent office throughout.

While development of my fully digital soundstage is on pause WebXR settles a bit, I'm heartened to see that remote production control like this is gaining momentum. It's demonstrations like these that prove the market exists.

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