you can see all these on my website if you wanna. here’s a link to a cat eating lasagna if you’re into that sort of thing.i swear i didn’t plan that

one thing i did while rewriting is make it average available photos a month and a year at a time on every run. first image below is march 1-9 2019, second image is march 1-10 2019. cool to watch how those change

here’s another one. first is 20190101 to 20190309, second is 20190101 to 20190310. there is a small difference! i only took one photo on march 10. of course, those changes will be harder to see as the year goes on.

welp i got tired of the code i was using to generate those images so i rewrote it. if you want to make some average images of your own feel free. not on pypi yet but it’s on the todo list

hey hi what’s up you might know about the images i make using the photographs i take on a daily basis like this one

it’s been a super busy year so far and i have had a little time to reflect recently

i did the research/experiments for two conference papers this year and wrote and submitted them in my spare time while working at an early stage startup

i am ready to retire

okay so regarding turnout i was incorrect—i was looking at this site last night:


where the “ballots cast” label apparently meant “ballots counted as of recently”

turnout actually was way better than i said before

(thank you to all the people working very hard to get more people to vote and keep people engaged.)

(please though, if you can, don’t text me next year. please.)

i get it—1/3 of the voters in CO are independents and don’t like anybody telling them what they can’t do and don’t like the government having too much money.

turnout in left-leaning counties was ~15% and turnout in other counties was ~30%.

good job voters. really way to go.

colorado: okay got it yeah cool cool, tax payers’ bill of rights, y’all don’t like raising taxes cool cool

colorado: should we ACTUALLY RAISE TAXES to fund water projects?

voters: probably yeah

colorado: noted.

(i mean, good outcome on that one but 🙄)


voters: ugh, i wish my kid could go to school 5 days a week and these roads are in terrible shape

colorado: should we keep taxes we already collect to fund schools and roads?

voters: HELL…no, refund it to me myself

always dress like you’re gonna do laundry tomorrow, i always say

last night i stepped onto a platform to flail and honk through a harmonica to try to curry the favor of two ladies

it did not work

they did not give the flower

Earlier this week, a paper from a project I’ve been working on was published on arXiv:

Thankful for the opportunity to work with Steve and hope the work is helpful to those trying to accurately assess the quality of distorted speech.

i weep for want of a place to put AIM status messages on New Internet

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