Anyone know a good dev or two in Boulder? I'm looking to hire. Full stack preferred , GIS experience is a huge plus.

I don't want to cheer too early, but all the last runs got almost there (and did not end up in pot-space or some cloudy blob). This one is using AMSGrad which seems to be less prone than regular Adam to explode suddenly when it is already very close.

me: working from home gives me the opportunity to focus on tasks free from the the distractions of a noisy office!









me: cool never mind

anybody know why six fire department vehicles and an ambulance just showed up to the circle k on Folsom?

i cherry-picked that quote from that article, but…

this is what you get when you don’t pony up and pay for your roads!!!!!!!!!!

“Along with the cost of repairing the damaged stretch of roadway, CDOT may also have to pay to reimburse Plenary for the lost revenue while toll lanes are closed.”

(oddly enough you can access the articles through a google search result (amp) which i am very sure is a good deal for the publications. very sure.)

(it is not a good deal for them.)

if you thought my whining about the local rags last night was over the top, here’s a screenshot of the current cdot webpage:

in other news, coloradans did not approve a tax increase for road maintenance, so maybe funds to repair the bridge collapse will come from the all-day kindergarten fund

coloradans also did not approve a tax increase to fund education in case you thought this was a liberal state

part of the major highway that is my primary route to work collapsed (!) and the two local newspapers with stories about it are so pissed about my ad blocker that they’ve completely blocked me from reading it

makes total sense. don’t like ads? careen off a bridge.


thank you to everybody who came to @boulderpython last night! if you missed it, slides from the talk are here:

heckling still welcomed (i am not a devops person)

Hi I’ve been using OK and I looked like Elvis.

heeeyyy everybody!!! if you wanna learn a little about how to deploy python in docker containers, come to @boulderpython on tuesday (07/09)

if you already know how, come heckle me!!

focus on the falling snow. you can’t see it. that’s fine, it’s there anyway. 📷

i ate the whole box of kraft macaroni and cheese for breakfast.

i am thirty-five years old. i washed it down with a bowl of broccoli slaw.

really enjoying the new thom yorke album though. definitely a good breakfast jam.

looking back at this one i figured out how to strategically add bright artifacts in a multiple exposure image. only took me like, 3 years. 📷

didn’t realize a pot of water was boiling because i thought the rattling sound it makes on my stove was part of the new thom yorke album

yes, i am making kraft macaroni and cheese for breakfast

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