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Kicking off XOXO 2019, Tracy Clayton talks publicly for the first time about the rollercoaster of making Another Round at BuzzFeed, the importance of not signing an NDA, and the challenge of caring for yourself in the timeline era. youtu.be/lz5gpU5egOM

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"To organize is to be deeply human." @GameWorkers co-founder @EmmaKinema on their effort to unionize the video game industry, and building a movement with radical care and compassion. youtu.be/dHp_DwVm2EA

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In January, @Hbomberguy started streaming Donkey Kong 64 to "annoy a guy on the internet." Over the next 57 hours, it spun wildly out of his control, transformed by the community into something much greater—raising over $347k for Mermaids UK. youtu.be/lS1k88LzjkQ

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Since 2016, @rek and @neauoire have sailed across the Pacific Ocean as Hundred Rabbits—making art, games, and music on Pino, a sailboat turned into an off-the grid design studio powered by the sun, wind, and their own homegrown tools. youtu.be/BW32yUEymvU

As Black Belt Eagle Scout, radical indigenous queer feminist Katherine Paul makes intimate indie rock shaped by her family and upbringing on the Swinomish Indian Reservation, creating space for others like her to follow. youtu.be/KXegN2LKXrM

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"What happens when you become the representation you’ve been fighting for?” Racist Sandwich co-creator Soleil Ho on the pressure, anxiety, and risk of commodification that comes with the SF Chronicle naming her their newest restaurant critic. youtu.be/DM6Xe3wgycY

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Mortician and NYT bestselling author Caitlin Doughty shares early signs from childhood and adolescence that she was destined for the funeral industry, and the “blessings and curses of a VERY specific advocacy.” youtu.be/35P6XSw5HMk

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Kicking off the second day of XOXO, Jahkara J. Smith tells the full story of finding viral success online as "Sailor J," the lack of accountability from social media platforms, and her decision to leave YouTube. youtu.be/7WOCSD-Zgpc

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"We are not built to do things alone. We are built to do them together.” Twin sisters Emily and Amelia Nagoski share four concrete ways to avoid burnout and face your inner demon with kindness and compassion. youtu.be/BOaCn9nptN8

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For the first time, Lindsay Ellis speaks about surviving bad-faith hate mobs online, how they dehumanize and isolate you, and the importance of standing up for friends when attacks happen. youtu.be/7Alen-p6_ak

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“The internet tried to ruin my life. It didn't work.” How Mikki Kendall's reputation as a fighter online, supported by clear boundaries and a strong community, ultimately boosted her writing career—to the dismay of her haters. youtu.be/ZDP4h7DenvA

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Multi-talented musician and video creator Left At London (aka Nat Puff) talks about how to avoid being boxed in by viral fame, performing two songs from her latest EP, with a surprise appearance by special guest Open Mike Eagle. youtu.be/lKZVoTTidik

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With “How to Do Nothing,” artist Jenny Odell tried to write a book that resisted easy appropriation—but in promoting it, she came face-to-face with an image of herself wanting to be sold. youtu.be/dveUrpp6vs8

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Closing out XOXO 2019, the brilliantly funny Rhea Butcher on openness—to new experiences, accepting others, and knowing when you’re wrong. (Also, gummy bears.) youtu.be/R16AYZVejj8

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@neauoire Oh, before I forget again: are you still taking questions for the FAQ? And if so, is there a specific place to post them?

@rostiger here's good :) and yes I am, just make sure they're not already answered.


@neauoire I don't think any of them are!
It should go without saying and I don't think I'm overstepping any boundaries with my questions, but still: there's no obligation to answer, may the questions be too specific, in any shape uncomfortable or simply require too much time. I appreciate any insights you're willing to give.

@neauoire You share a lot of your knowledge, work and life with a public audience. Where and how do you draw the line between what is published and what stays private?

@neauoire Do you also create tools to support you in more private matters (e.g. family, physical & mental health, personal photo albums, etc.)?

@neauoire What does your infrastructure for handling data backups look like?

@neauoire How do you feel about GitHub as the host of all your project repositories?

@neauoire And finally, and most importantly: What coffee grinder do you use? :)

@rostiger I'll answer the other ones tonight and update the faqs page with answers tomorrow :)

@rostiger it's a no for this one, maybe I should. But I don't really have much to say about this. I only create tools to affect creative output/input.

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