It’s been a lovely morning, waking up to the warmth of the heater, the chattering of sparrows gathered in the trees, a kitten French-kissing my nostril.

This is a wonderfully chilly morning for fresh-ground pumpkin spice coffee paired with dark chocolate covered ginger.

It's taking immense self-control to not sign up for the trial period of Apple Arcade and instead wait until I'm finished with Link's Awakening.

Welp, it looks like Lego issued a takedown on my 3D model to interface Technics rods to a GoPro camera clip. 😡

After a conversation yesterday, I realized I never got around to documenting my single-podcast streaming device.

I still don’t know whether I like or dislike the off-center notification dot on the Modular Compact watch face.

Okay friends — be sure to update your iTerm2. It's held a remote-execution vulnerability for 7 years!

A longshot question, but is there a good modern alternative to MediaRage? It's the one 32-bit app I'm going to be sad about not having when I migrate to Catalina.

This morning I heard the radio say something about banning bacon that contained THC. I thought to myself “this is a story that is uniquely Oregon.” It wasn't until half-way through the piece that I realized I misheard “vaping that contains THC.”

Remember when .com meant “tiny DOS executable” and not “website?”

Last night was a strange (immersive) version of Hamlet. Tonight was a strange (minimalist) version of Macbeth.

So it turns out I was wrong and Hamlet _*ISN'T*_ the Shakespeare play about the little piggy.

I need to reset the PRAM on the resource forks of my system extensions.

Betteridge's Law of Headlines would dictate the answer is no, but I'd like to suggest that this is an exception to the rule.

Is there an , except for people who can’t draw?

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