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Surprised by how many pubs around the Arsenal game are home-team only. Though I’ve learned that’s to help prevent post-game fights.

I guess wild parakeets are a thing in London. I saw one in a tree and worried that someone’s pet got loose, but then nine more flew in to chomp on the tree.

portland / bigots / safety 

portland / white nationalists / safety reminder 

19th century, caughing up blood ⇒ consumption
20th century, caughing up blood ⇒ radiation poisoning
21st century, caughing up blood ⇒ let's find out!

In Scotland, what do they call Scotch Tape? Is it just Tape?

“I refilled the chandelier” is not a phrase I would have expected to use at all, much less regularly. Yet here we are.

Huh, Agent Smith's insistence on calling Neo "Mr Anderson" is him deadnaming him.

It seems obvious now that it's pointed out.

Wow, so 8chan got kicked off their CDN, CloudFlare, with an extremely well-written blog post. They switched to another CDN (Epik, which hosts some other questionable websites), and then Epik's underlying server provider shut them out. I'm happy to see companies taking a stance against hatered and white-supremecy radicalizaton.

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