Indoor dining during the pandemic would be cool and all, but what I *really* want is Endor dining. Some of those little Ewoks serving me food and dancing around and stuff.

I’m unplugging the quarantine counter. Second shot was two weeks ago. It’s been a bumpy ride of bad hair and questionable facial hair, but I’m looking forward to getting back to civilization.

This old-iPhone tarot spread took surprisingly more work than you'd expect, with dives into 30-pin cables and too-new HTTPS root certificates. More detail:

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Does anyone else use `xxd` for hex dumps? Does anyone else have to experiment with different combinations of x's and d's to find the right binary? Is it ddx? dxx? xdd?

Driving through the neighborhood, English Beat on the radio, I have this chilling feeling of being more like the parents than the kids in Ferris Bueller. When did I get old?

I appreciate that when I visit a UK site for the first time and they have to show that annoying privacy pop-up, they're able to recognize I'm in the US and translate from biscuit to cookie.

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