Why does “north, south, east, west” sound right but other combinations like “north, south, west, east” sound weird? We read left-to-right, top-to-bottom and north is usually at the top of maps. So why doesn't west come before east?

I’m trying to decide what emoji this pretzel represents.

I made a plot of my Amazon orders over time. I'd expected a spike in 2020 due to the pandemic. I didn't expect a spike in 2021. I don't feel that my behavior changed, so I'm not sure how to explain it. I also don't feel like I made more orders than days in the year. That's bonkers.

Does anyone I know subscribe to a meal planning service? The kind where they _just_ send you recipes, not mail you a big box of ingredients? I'm researching & like the perks of emeals (switching plans, lunches), but like that fresh20 has a vegetarian option (as opposed to 100% vegan).

Sometimes my birdsite ebooks account just hits it out of the park.

Let's hypothetically say you have $400 in dividend credit at REI (because kayaks and accessories last year), but nothing else you particularly *need*. What would you spend it on?

On such a fine day, I think I’m okay with a few blossoms in my drink.

I understand the concept of pork rinds, but am not into them. Now, if someone were to make a snack based on fried salmon skin… [Fry waving money meme dot gif]. Especially if sustainable, wild caught, etc.

If you feel that spending on suburban infrastructure is not sustainable then I have bad news about Mars.

I just heard about an 8-bit-style bleep-bloop game soundtrack being released on vinyl, and I just don't think I can handle the level of cognitive dissonance required to parse that.

Eric Harshbarger made another desk out of #lego . There are pictures and progress videos. One of the videos also has a cat.


At what point can we start calling the US a third-world country?

And then there was that time I used the word “decompose” instead of “decompress” when talking about taking off a few days after travel.

I recycled a bunch of old candle pieces into new candles, hence the kinda-crappy colors.

Alcoholic Beverage Photo 

It’s a good evening for a little bit of scotch and a little bit of learning to interface C with Lua.

I started using a Twitter client (Twitterrific) that lets me hide retweets and quote-tweets and that bird-hellsite has gotten so much more bearable. Still not as wholesome as Mastodon, but much less soul-destroying.

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