I’m used to seeing furniture and appliances left on this corner, but this sharps box is something new.

This morning I used the gaming term “side quest” to describe helping someone (unplanned) on another team complete a task that I had domain knowledge in. I like that and will use it in the future. It captures a supportive spirit that “yak-shaving” or “rathole” doesn't.

Finally a Pi with a gig-E port. I wonder if the rest of the specs are good enough for an IDS?

Occam's Razor suggests a kitten rebounded off my face at 2am, but I'm going to stick with my story: I narrowly escaped a fight against Wolverine.

Ever think to yourself, “the light here is quite bland. It could use more salt?”

“It looks like you are trying to check for _WIN32...”

I really love the size of Alpine Linux, especially for easily turning scipy Python apps into Docker containers. But do we really need another package manager?

I appreciate the level of compulsion that went into sorting and knolling the leftover Halloween candy in the office lunchroom.

I’ve never been more thankful for an Ansible playbook than “how did I set up that Raspberry Pi last year (that I’ve since wiped) as a spooky sound effects and Hue lighting controller?” github.com/BrianEnigma/HarryPo

Welp. I just saw my first Freddie Krueger movie. As a child of the 80s, I have no excuse.

A machine that looks like GLaDOS shot at me today with lasers and radiation. I managed to survive the attack.

what is deadspin. is it like meatspin. send toot.

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