I had to order some new parts for the 3D printer and now I have “print heads” stuck in my brain (to the tune of “Fish Heads”).

TIL about “Stacey’s Dad,” which sounds surprisingly close to the original. youtu.be/WANlg297AHU

If your video starts with “wait for it,” I probably won’t.

I was going through my screenshot folder and discovering a bunch I have absolutely zero memory of.

Does the suddenly bring out all the hardcores? I went from routinely scoring 800–1000 down to like 600. Every. Match.

I don’t fully understand, but I’m perfectly content with Lovejoy’s Tea Room renaming themself to Emperor Georgiou's Tea Room.

Working through the calculus of extra hour of cook time vs opening a jar.

Paranoimia - The Art Of Noise w/ Max Headroom

It’s amazing how quickly you can destroy oscillating multi tool blades.

They make sword canes, and you can buy them at the sword store at the mall. But I have a feeling that sword walkers could be a vast untapped market. Maybe the tennis balls on the feet can convert to a bola.

Today is a good day to try the brand new Trimet bendy bus.

The best Sean Connery movie — Zardoz or Time Bandits?

Is there software specifically for drawing the diagrams used in patents? And if so, why hasn't it been updated since the 70s?

Food (vegetarian) 

It is possible that I have found a pizza that does not make my body recoil in horror. It is also possible that this is technically a giant tostada.

It 💯 wouldn’t surprise me if Rick & Morty referenced Star Trek… but Star Trek referencing Rick & Morty? Wha?

🎼We can dance. We can dance. Everybody take off your pants.🎶

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