These are not pencil-toppers. Are they pencil-bottomers?

Given the amount of peanuts and dried ears of corn I go through, I feel like this house is the bird equivalent of the one that gives out full-size candy bars on Halloween.

Rewatching Twin Peaks S03E08, or as I like to call it, the Nine Inch Nails video that turns into a feature-length 2001 end sequence.

nbd, just processing a Wikipedia database dump on my week off.


Not a spoiler, but I appreciate the stormtroopers on The Mandalorian trying to shoot at tin-can-like rubbish in the desert and totally missing every shot.

The nice thing about the holidays is that there’s time in the morning to exercise, followed by a vegan Virgin Mary mixed exactly how you like it.

I had a strange dream that Disney had been rotoscope-animating thousands of live-action films over several decades for the Japanese market — from James Bond to westerns to drama — with two main features. Explicit scenes changed/removed. Almost everything textured as waffles.

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