A $400 Chromebook has a better keyboard than my $2,300 laptop (where Apple decided to reimagine how keyboard mechanisms should function).

Are Spiderman’s webs biodegradable? Do they lose their stickiness, sloughing off of building, on to unsuspecting bystanders below?

Cornelius attempting to escape from the Azkaban that @professor@instagram.com.rose built.

How long until we get the Minority Report future of bus stop advertising doing facial recognition to tailor ads to you? And what kind of stranglehold will Facebook have on that market, given they can already auto-tag you in photos based on facial recognition?

*You were looking at something embarrassing online, so now we'll show you related ads on a billboard as you walk by.*

I'm a little tired of spam email from international superhackers that know my password and have used it to hack every aspect of my life, including my taped-over webcam and my web history. I guess they want buttcoins, and as proof, they share the password. You know — the one I only ever used on MySpace 10+ years ago.

I also tire of these:

Tickets are on sale now for our immersive popup over the Halloween season! Magic energy has been unleashed in the house and you need to explore, take photos and find out what happened. More deets at thewandmakershouse.com

When the album you’re listening to while cooking concludes just as you’re garnishing servings. 👨‍🍳👌💋❤️

Picking through the last of the tomato harvest, a few meters from the compost pile, I can now understand the visceral pleasure of throwing rotten tomatoes.

"Every machine is a smoke machine if you use it wrong enough."

Welp, I thought I was going to eat dinner. Then I didn’t notice the cat brought in a half-alive mouse. Then I had to take it outside. Then convince the cat it didn’t disappear under the stove. Then praise him as he ate it. 🐭🐈

We did not get the Civil Rights Act in a climate more favorable to it.

We did not get emancipation in a climate more favorable to it.

Other people have worked harder than us, under worse circumstances, and prevailed.

Thinking of making an add-on to my Retro Gaming Expo badge, but running out of time to program an animation. What can I do in 8x16 pixels?

take me down to parallax city where the back moves slow and the front moves quickly

RT @exador23@twitter.com: As the gavel went down on the Senate confirmation vote, an alarm started going off, and the Constitution began to shred itself.

🐦🔗: twitter.com/exador23/status/10

At the symphony, watching a movie, with my special ladyfriend, @professor@instagram.com.rose

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