I propose we rename “Bowser’s Fury” to “Catboy Marioland.” *Everything* has cat ears, from the trees to the monsters to the rainbows. They really went all-in on the nyan.

A good alternative beverage at bars/clubs/parties? Or fragile masculinity's take on bottled water?

TikTok is the perfect place for a resurgence of The Macarena by unaware white folks. Let's do this! Who's with me? No? Not you? Nor you?

We're supposed to take an anniversary trip to the coast, but I don't know if the snow ducks will allow it. The buses aren't even running, it's so icy.

Remember how, like 10 years ago, “metrosexual” was a thing? Can we bring back that sensibility, but give it a better name this time?

You know when you set up a web server with a custom log path for a vhost and then you forget to add it to logrotate and then you end up with a monolithic 70GB log file a year later? I hate when that happens.

Today (actually yesterday) I learned that the atomic clocks are not set to UTC, but are 37 seconds ahead of UTC. Because things get a little chaotic and ugly at the intersection between theoretical physics and hard reality.

I hope you’re as psyched about THE BIG GAME this weekend as I am!

Is Alka Seltzer a bath bomb you can drink? Or are bath bombs an Alka Seltzer you can sit in?

I don’t own champagne flutes, but I *do* have graduated cylinders.

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