My “Baby Yoda” cookies didn’t turn out as well as the macarons that my partner and I made under professional supervision in Paris, but they’re not bad.

(Vegan) Thxgiving Food 

I was led to believe this was a vegetarian spread, but it was LIES! It was VEGAN, including the deliciously-fake feta.

If you’re going to get hospitalized for COVID, you should do it now to avoid the Christmas rush.

Two weeks from Thanksgiving is going to be pretty wild.


My partner made a parody music video based on Hamilton's “You'll Be Back” by King George, but it's Trump not conceding the election. Please check it out and share with your friends.

What they don’t show is that the pumpkin seeds are 24 karat gold.

Is there a word like hangry, but it instead conveys grumpy/hungry? Asking for a me.

Woke up too early this morning, but I suppose things could be worse.

I love the concept behind the new NIN face mask, though I'm slightly disappointed it isn't coming until mid-December. I'd love to have it November 3rd!

Taking my birthday off to wear a Loch Ness FC jersey and binge-watch Ted Lasso.

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