Battery-powered laser projector test: booping a mouse on the nose

Preparations begin for movie night. Not pictured: campfire sandwich iron and popcorn popper.

Why, yes, I did just enroll in an online course at Cornell that is entirely about studying crows.

Where do I get a tip for my soldering iron that removes wrinkles from clothes?

I can’t wait for the new Jim Henson UK game show, The Dark Crystal Maze.

dr manhattan: heard that steve jobs died of bofa
osmosis jones: whos steve jobs
mr manhattan: not much dog whats up with you

Does anything important even use F1 these days? I’m about to map this to ESC.

Learning some new algorithms while listening to Metallica in a video game bar.

Drawing sudoku bitmaps, 48 bytes at a time. My low-memory bit-shifting is on point!

If you die in Tetris, you die in real life!

I mean, eventually.

We’re rewatching the Marvel movies, and it turns out there are nazis *INSIDE* the US government.

I’m shocked! Shocked, I say!

@BrianEnigma Pickles with relish and a side of gherkins. Peak Salad.

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