I just listened to The New Disruptors episode with Shing Yin Khor, & suddenly missing the temporary space of the Blue Ox Bar & its karaoke. Tea will help.

@tootdon Might you consider allowing an image to be pasted into a toot, attaching it like a normal image attachment? The Twitter and Facebook clients let me do this, but with Tootdon, I have to temporarily save to my camera roll, attach, then delete before it gets uploaded to iCloud.

“I told you to get off the organ, *right now!*”

(Artist: Matthew Dutton)

Removing the protective paper from living hinges is the opposite of fun.

> Your last text is the title for Avengers 4. What is it now called?

Avengers 4: [pictures of a baby cow]

When a podcast perfectly fits the number of minutes it takes to make dinner! 👨‍🍳👌💋

👹 Happy Krampus Day!

🍸 And happy anniversary of the repeal of prohibition!

See also the “Jonathan” intro to Buffy.

I love it when a show plays with its own format as a story-telling mechanism. For example, the 80s-flashback Fringe intro.

I love how Apple single-handedly dictated these NSFW terms to Tumblr and literally no one is saying a God damn word about it.

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