People Make Games’ new video on VRChat is really excellent. It truly sounds like the new Old Internet in there, for better and for worse (cw discussion of erotic role play and sexy anime avatars).

I ordered 2 pints of ice cream, and when it arrived, they’d sent me 4 pints, but all different flavors, and none of them flavors I’d asked for. I thought about calling the store to complain, but then I realized that I was living in a metaphor.

Self-documenting code implies that everyone has code access.

And Linklater’s decision to have Alex Jones reprise his Waking Life role as an anti-government protester (who happens to be correct) comes seemingly out of nowhere and seems even more regrettable now.

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I rewatched A Scanner Darkly for the first time after seeing it in theaters, and I think I appreciated it much more this time. Robert Downey Jr’s paranoia and physicality are consistently great, though the story does make a pretty abrupt turn from junkie hijinks to an indictment of Big Pharma and the human cost of the war on drugs in the last 15 minutes.

Talking In Circles | ciat-lonbarde deerhorn organ & plumbutter, oto bam

Shake The Dust | Meng Qi Wingie, Ciat-Lonbarde Cocoquantus & Plumbutter, OTO Bam

When I saw the new OP-1, I wondered if they were trying to adopt a more colorblind-accessible color scheme, but it looks like not. It seems like a missed opportunity, since the blue in their UI would have probably worked, instead of the ochre on knob 2.

As I watch the fallout of the most recent crypto crash roll in, I want to keep in mind that Black Americans are more than twice as likely to have crypto investments than white Americans, that a significant % of Black generational wealth was put into cryptocurrency & NFTs.

Rewatched the Hepburn/Grant comedy/noir Charade, and it is indeed still charming.

My senior year of college, I took a seminar on The History of Revenge Violence because it was taught by my favorite professor, and it destroys me how frequently it feels relevant.

Somehow, Twitter found something even worse than an NFT to promote into my feed.

Double Fine Productions is hiring a Producer & a Graphics Programmer. We’re all still working remotely, so proximity to the Bay Area is a plus, but not req’d. Come make games with us!

For anyone going to direct actions or protests here is my protest checklist™️

- Wear all black
- Cover your face
- Don't bring a phone, if you must:
- Lock your phone with pin or password
- Disable any "smart unlock" feature
- Don't bring ID of any kind
- Don't bring payment cards of any kind
- Bring cash, water, and food
- Bring an umbrella
- Inform yourself about the protests' lawyer and write their phone # on your arm with permanent marker; if there is none:
- Make sure you know of a decent lawyer and do the same
- DO NOT TALK TO THE POLICE, if you get arrested, say you want your lawyer, nothing else

In 2019, “Drifter” bots were given an initial news source on Twitter, and watched for 6 months to see how their Home feed adjusted. Over time, bots given Left-aligned news sources drifted to the center. Bots with Right-aligned sources saw their feeds drift further Right.

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