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Kevin Marks @KevinMarks

I made an instance previewer, so you can see the local/federated feeds of an instance without signing up:

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based on seeing my son baffled by the instance choces

@KevinMarks Nice idea!
One small suggestion: could you hide NSFW/CW behind a button?

@KevinMarks Great stuff! Would be good if you could also pull the instance list from
to make it easy to select from the list

@KevinMarks This is great! I've already found two new people to follow! Any plans to add a list of instances, maybe a random timeline feature?

@frankiesaxx is there a list of instances I can parse?

@KevinMarks have you looked at

@marxistvegan that's what I used, though I get an error when I tried to fetch it in code. See for the autocomplete, but I'll have to update it manually

@KevinMarks If the federated timeline doesn't match with the one I see on your website, what would be an explanation? About 20% of the toots I see on the preview of my instance don't appear here in my federated timeline. =/

@KevinMarks it might be good to not show considering it's got a mission statement for safety? i don't know if this is actual worth worrying about. doesn't seem to work right now but being that it doesn't federate with any instance it also might be worth making an exception of saying nope don't show that

@KevinMarks I miss hearing you on the regular in audio and video. How does Mastodon fit in the whole webmention pubsubhubbub multiverse?

@KevinMarks Aesome! This is a game changer for me. Thanks!

@KevinMarks Thank you so much for the instance previewer! So handy!