Bob's burgers was extra dystopian and amazing tonight!

Columbia is looking for a Research Computing Program Manager. You would be working with an amazing team so please check it out.

child death, but positive news? still a very heavy topic but it's a good development 


My husband is a pharmacist and pointed out that this also impacts the ability of doctors to safely anesthetize some patients, because sometimes they need to use a paralytic and if they can test for this enzyme they can have a much better chance of predicting how well their patient will recover

but also


I hope this brings some small measure of peace to parents blaming themself for the loss of an infant to SIDS. Because it wasn't that the mattress was wrong or there was a blanket nearby or whatever whatever because blankets don't fuck up obscure baby brain enzymes

it's a fucking enzyme thing

And I read this research was at least partially crowdfunded too, so we can maybe add another tally to the Seizing The Means Of Research Production victory column.

Meetings first thing in the morning are a cruel and unusual punishment

I have been reading the academy series by Jack McDevitt and although not the deepest books, if you want some fun adventurous sci-fi , you could do a lot worse.

Upcoming talk to check out: "Thinking with Data: Beyond Data Visualization - Data as Art!" (in-person & zoom)

I have thought that people were vastly overstating the inflation rate (and still do) but this helped put things into perspective "What’s Your Rate of Inflation?"

😒 ✋ coding education for children to turn out young, plentiful and cheap workforces for tech companies
😎 👉 continuing tech education & community support so people of all ages can take charge of their technology and not be exploited by tech companies & government

Shiny is a framework from RStudio to make web applications in #RStats.

You can use it to make simple interactive documents in no time at all, or to make production-grade applications.

So shiny can be helpful in a number of situations:

For personal use, to build simple tools for data analysis
To present results to others in a one-off meeting
To create a production dashboard for deployment on the Internet

Some good, free e-books for learning and reference:

Mastering Shiny: A good introduction
Engineering Shiny: Using {golem} as a framework to make enterprise-grade apps

Further resources and a video tutorial can be found on the shiny homepage.

The Leaf Sheep consumes so much algae that the chlorophyll in its own cells produce energy ⚡️

So Microsoft Yammer... Has anyone ever seen this actually used?

Do love that people with just colds are now masking up in public!

i am still amazed how events from almost decades ago can randomly pop up in my head.

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