Whoever generated the file also broke up all the phrases, so "3 wolf moon" just became "3" and "four dollar toast" is just "four." Annoying!

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"But Andy," I can hear you say, "that could be a generic hugs-and-kisses 'XOXO,' not necessarily a reference to your festival!" But no, the word list is @boogah's Hipster Ipsum artisanal filler text generator, and he added XOXO, along with references to MLKSHK, Tilde.club, and other niche communities. But how it got into macOS/iOS is anyone's guess. hipsum.co

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We're posting all of our XOXO 2019 talk videos to Mastodon this year, one per weekday! You can follow @xoxo, or see this thread. xoxo.zone/@xoxo/10292257385444

I'm most excited about account migration, being able to move accounts and bring your followers with you is so critical. github.com/tootsuite/mastodon/

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booked three more performers for the xoxo video lineup, because I JUST CAN'T STOP

It looks really familiar… like another social media site I've used before… but I can't quite place it.

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Wow, Mastodon looks so much better with the advanced UI turned off, system fonts turned on, and the light theme enabled.

Is there a replacement for Mastodon Bridge yet, or is it now just totally impossible to find Twitter friends on Mastodon because of Twitter's shitty API changes?

we've had two people so far who clearly thought the "XOXO" movie on Netflix was a documentary, and they want to party until they drop

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always fun reading what everybody writes, always a pretty interesting group of people, along with the usual handful of very very confused people

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my eyes are crusting over from reviewing xoxo surveys

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🎉🎟 XOXO returns to Revolution Hall with four days of incredible speakers, performances, and projects. Surveys close on May 23! 2019.xoxofest.com

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