Is there any way to post a message SOLELY to your local timeline? That would be pretty cool.

@andybaio that would make me sad. (...or make me make a new account on the zone.)

@aparrish @andybaio I think it's been regularly requested, not sure why it hasn't been implemented. I think 👐 reasons 👐

@andybaio You can do "unlisted" and "followers only", but there's currently not a "local only"

@phildini @andybaio Seems like that would be super useful. Just think announcing downtimes or services, not to mention specific community stuff.

@theory @andybaio It's been a _huge_ contention point between parts of the mastodon community and the developers of mastodon.

I honestly don't remember the outcome, but I could probably dig up a github thread if you're interested.

@andybaio The glitchsoc fork has a non-federating toot feature, so you can make posts that only appear on your instance.

@andybaio I was actually just thinking the same thing but addressing a specific server. I wanted to say hi to all the people but my account is on my own website!

@andybaio There's a request open from last year asking for this. I would very much want this option for

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