Working with the creator of , you sometimes get deep lore like "the original function hashing mechanism was strlen(), so I named the early functions so as to spread them out evenly in the hash table"

@annika reminds me of a story from Matt Pharr about how in the early days of RenderMan, they forgot to implement a hash algorithm for their hash table, which created a bottleneck that wasn't discovered until Toy Story 2:

@annika @elilla strlen() is the hashing function I use internally with people’s names. It works great* until I read a book that has characters called Steve, James, Chloe, Sarah, Peter, Maria, Oscar, …

* Actually it works terribly and if I have met you and instantly forgotten your name, now you know why. Sorry.

@futzle @annika @elilla Goodness, I've never anybody else who caches names like this. I'm horrible at remembering Nate vs. Nick or Matt vs. Mike vs. Mark vs. Marc, etc because they are all "four letters starting with $LETTER" and fall in my same mental hash-bucket


s/never anybody/never encountered anybody/

that's what I get for typing in the dark before coffee :flan_facepalm:

@annika Ha, Rasmus and I were at Yahoo! at the same time.

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