I've moved countries but I can't update my Google Play settings to reflect the new country without deleting my child's whole Google account, thereby losing all purchases and everything he's ever done in his games.

I cannot download regional bank and online shopping apps on my Google account because I have a child younger than 13 on my family account, unless I opt to delete his account.

Absolutely idiotic.

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Essentially I have three options:

1. Delete his Google account.
2. Wait until he turns 13 and remove his Google account from the family group.
3. Create a new Google account in the new country.

You can guess which option I went with. :dont_at_me:

@annika I've used Aurora Store in the past to get past this, cuz once the (bank / insurance) app is installed, it usually works

(unless your device is rooted, in which case it refuses to work, but only after you've gone thru the sing-up / painful login process)

@annika i'm pretty sure their lawyers would literally prefer you do #3 because then you end up with a separate account agreement governed by the laws of the new country

@aaronpk the more i use computers, the more i believe this is true

@annika It's amazing how many tech companies just assume no one moves to a new country. 💩

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