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My on another site: I'm a microeconomist who spends his days searching for better models, but I mostly use this site for one-liners.

Am a heavy music consumer, and may post track links w/background. I do a lot with intellectual property, migration, and computational statstics, which I think are important topics with a lot of room for curiosity and creative exploration. I make soap, bike everywhere, often sleep in tents, and am generally an introverted hippie.

Madrid's time zone is

Factual statements applicable to uspol 

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Professors: "You need to download this proprietary IDE that costs money to use."

Me: "I got Vim, f i g h t m e"

Housemate is pretty heartbroken by a breakup. "The only thing that can make me feel again is Haskell."

Once did a back-of-envelope calculation of the population of people who wouldn't eat a typical U.S.-raised cow, incl veg/kosher/halal/hindu/buddhists. Stopped around a billion. Maybe you all have better estimates.

When a Dr gives me a prescription for some sort of gel cap, I always ask if there's a veg/kosher/halal/hindu/buddhist acceptable version of the drug, and 100% of the time the Dr replies dismissively.

Because the prescribing Dr is the customer as far as the pharma co is concerned, and Dr.s DGAF about these things, I don't think there's any way for feedback from literal consumers of the drug to reach or influence manufacture.

Spending tonight in an apartment with no electricity. I don't often get to experience night as it had been until a century ago, as the half of the day with no light and a resultant need to settle down, a resultant quiet.

I still have heat, water, a well-charged telephone, &c, so we'll count it as glamping.

* Motor and processor makers often use aluminum heat sinks to dissipate heat as quickly as possible.

* Sandwich and burrito shops often wrap your food in aluminum foil, with the explanation that it keeps the food warm.

Nerds taking over the government 

uspol data point 

Caroline Shaw is at the top of her game at the moment.

First, here she is composing for the Attaca Quartet, in a relatively traditional style:

Then, here she is writing with Mr Kanye West, back when we liked him:

If you like the vocals there, see also what she won the Pulitzer Prize for, with Roomful of Teeth:

Things I want from my playlists:

* Shuffled, but keeping multi-movement pieces together.
* Tracks I like play more often.

So I wrote Ludwig van Shuffle to set up my playlists. If you feel the same need to micromanage your playlists via a python script, give it a try.

Here's a piece of fiction that's been stuck in my head all week.

uspol resource 

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This week has been an emotional rollercoaster. Well, maybe more like a series of emotional bumper cars.

POSIX shell tip 

For those of you into spectrography, here's an article on the woman who wrote the book(s) on it, and how she got ahead as a female scientist in the 1920s and 30s despite everything.

I know you've been concerned about the Washington Monument, which was lucky to remain standing 135 years given that anybody could just walk in. No longer do we need to worry that it was just a run of 49,275 consecutive lucky days, because it opened today with a new security screening center.

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