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My on another site: I'm a microeconomist who spends his days searching for better models, but I mostly use this site for one-liners.

Am a heavy music consumer, and may post track links w/background. I do a lot with intellectual property, migration, and computational statstics, which I think are important topics with a lot of room for curiosity and creative exploration. I make soap, bike everywhere, often sleep in tents, and am generally an introverted hippie.

Corps like to sell their patents when first granted to holding companies in Luxembourg or the Cayman Islands for cheap---they're speculative and must not be worth anything---then attribute all their profits from then on to the patent, so they have to pay royalties to the offshore corp.

What I'm saying is, every time a court or Congress makes it easier to get a patent, that's the sound of money flying away to a tax haven.

Also, when money moves to a holding corp in a tax shelter like the Cayman Islands, that just means it's in a bank account in that corp's name.

If the Cayman Islands really had billions of bux in its banks, the streets there would be paved with gold and every house would be a cathedral. No, the account is at Bank of America or some such.

Something to think about next time you hear somebody say we have to give corps a tax break so they'll bring that money back home.

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Interested in weird maps? Here's what happens if you take the distortion of the Mercator projection to its logical extreme and then move the north pole around

in the interest of avoiding US bias, the link is to a version centered on Mecca, but the map that resonated with me most is centered on my childhood home in Illinois

watching the map update as you move the pole felt like it was scratching an itch in my brain. Best headache ever.

New Amsterdam is giving away compilations from some stellar composers. I'm not one to use a lot of exclamation marks, but please imagine a dozen or so right here.

My podcast cohost, who does comedy songs, just dropped a new single and I think it's great.

(self-promotion disclaimer: that's me in the background attempting to play guitar)

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taking off my headphones during a shitty meeting as self care

You read so much about how airline seats are so tiny because it's one of the cases where tall dudes are at a major disadvantage.

Two pieces of unsolicited advice on the question of whether "data" is plural or singular. The second is the more important.

* Where possible, use the terms "data points" or "data set", which are clearly a plural and a collective singular.

* Do not correct other people on their preference.

(2/2) Now that we have text editor and interpreter panes, we want to: highlight in the editor, switch panes, paste & run, go back to editor. Add a binding (here, <ctrl>-g) to .tmux.conf to do all but highlight:

bind-key C-g last-pane\; paste-buffer\; send-key Enter\; last-pane

That's it. Now you can tmux-highlight a section in the editor, hit <ctrl>-g, and it seamlessly runs in the other pane.

PS: make sure the last pane you touched is the interpreter, so you don't paste into the wrong place.

Some text editors let you start a Python interpreter (for example), then highlight a few lines in your text file, hit some key, and run those lines at the interpreter. Vim doesn't have this ability, but you can get it using tmux. How to: (1/2)

First, tmux tutorials abound to show you how to:
* Split windows into panes. E.g., left side is your text editor and right side is your interpreter/compiler/cmd line.
* Use copy mode to highlight sections and save them to a cut buffer for later pasting.

Here's a performance of one of the runners-up for the Pulitzer Prize in music this year, _Sky_ by Michael Torke. It's a violin concerto, but a very Americana hoedown kind of concerto:

Please enjoy this Office-slash-Don't-Hug-Me-I'm-Scared-inspired web program.

Maybe start at ep 3:
on to ep 4:

The esteemed Liz Landau and I have a new podcast about Game Theory and everyday life 🧆
Check it out at . Find out about why we're not having bank runs the way we're seeing toilet paper runs, and the nefarious history of the term "Tragedy of the Commons".

The universe is 99.999% vacuum, and yet somehow I'm surrounded by clutter.

As a DC resident, I've done a lot of protests, and I still rate my #1 best as the Juggalo March on Washington. It was heartfelt, positive, and _by far_ the most diverse turnout, by age, race, gender, familial status, ambulatory ability. So much to learn from how the ICP organizes.

I have some old photographs from Chicago---old enough to be on film. They are, of course, grey skies and quiet snow. Days like this aren't depressing, but perhaps saudade-tinged.

I'm using my telephone camera to digitize them, and no matter what settings I tweak, it insists on brightening everything and making it look like a perky day.

Y'know what's wrong with virtue signaling?

Nothing. If people want to give money, volunteer their time, or support progress for selfish reasons, great, let them.

[This toot because I ran into yet another person saying people give for cynical reasons so let's never help anybody ever.]

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What does it mean that Amazon will sell me the CD incl postage for $9, or let me download the MP3 for $11

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