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My on another site: I'm a microeconomist who spends his days searching for better models, but I mostly use this site for one-liners.

Am a heavy music consumer, and may post track links w/background. I do a lot with intellectual property, migration, and computational statstics, which I think are important topics with a lot of room for curiosity and creative exploration. I make soap, bike everywhere, often sleep in tents, and am generally an introverted hippie.

Here's "É Preciso Perdoar" covered by The Ambitious Lovers, a no wave duo from the 1980s. "Morning has broken. Soon you will abandon me."

It's Peter Scherer on piano; Arto Lindsay singing and playing the guitar note. A nice contrast to the rest of Mr Lindsay's discography.

Here's the original, marginally higher energy.

Dunno why it's the cover that really resonates with me. When I'm in a certain mood, I'd hear Mr Lindsay whispering "Eu sei."

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@DialMforMara We must dismantle the Turbotax-Industrial Complex.

Considered hiring this company to do a thing, so I check the About page on their web site and find this company photo

Please enjoy the only other upbeat-sounding song in my top 100 (after "Blood on the Fields" from a few days ago). It's a love song, even, with a train-whistle chorus.

It's by The Rural Alberta Advantage, and at least one member is legit from there.

Not so much reading the literature today; more searching the literature for defensive but otherwise gratuitous citations, and trying to maximize the odds that the peer reviewers will find their name when they scan the bibliography.

I didn't really want take-out last night, but our tupperware keeps disappearing and we need more.

Today, it's Pulizer Prize-winning swing: Wynton Marsalis and the Lincoln Center Jazz Orchestra, "Work Song (Blood on the fields)".

PS: here's the `72 version, which is kitschy in a seventies torch song kinda way:

[In the comments: `This is what we're gonna sing when Maduro finally falls']

Here's a kitschy but catcthy late `90s cover of a Spanish 1972 single. It's about a 20-something breaking out on his/her own, like a bird escaping the prison and who can finally fly. 1972 was still during Franco's regime (and Pinochet, and Castro, &c), and in `72 the protest-song-ness of it wasn't lost on anybody. The 90's cover was used in cell phone commercials.

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Have been using to track every track I listen to. But it's a biased characterization of what I listen to because the longer you've had a track in your life, it's likely to have had more plays.

Finally got around to reweighting by time since first play, and I have a totally different image. It turns out my musical tastes are not stuck at the year where I first got a a/c.

All these people see hoodies as a symbol of hoodlumhood, but the real signal they send is "I know how to keep warm in cold weather." The other problem with people who won't wear them because of semiotics is that they're certainly getting more colds and are burning more heating oil in winter, and that costs us all.

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Not for the first time im furious that there isn't a digital text corpus for Dr. Bronner

Zero paper project is going well: have recycled a half meter tall stack of papers.

Have been living up to my cis maleness and learning guitar. Today was a big breakthrough: I successfully played a chord from a Prince song.

B♭add9/D, the opening to Purple Rain, which Lisa plays on the recording. Let ring.

Took a vacation day to advocate for the public interest.

Photo: a House Office building, where the laws get written. I like that it doesn't pretend to be from the late 1800s/early 1900s, and wonder if that makes for more progressive law.

There are obvious ways people contribute to the climate disaster, like eating meat, driving unnecessarily, jetting around, overheating or overcooling their home.

But there are more subtle ways, like not thinking about these things at all because we're all complicit and that's an uncomfortable thought, or not talking to friends and family because preventing a few minutes' uncomfortable discussion is more important than preventing this disaster.

Finally replacing the bidet. We kept having to reboot the toilet, but no more.

This animated short, based on interviews with women in nail salons, is online now. I thought it was great.

[Non-sexual nudity, so NSFW depending on your workplace]

Got this warning message about one of the config files in my new Hadoop install:


So, that's nice.

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