Came back from a four-day trip and found my bike at the airport parking lot, unstolen and exactly where I'd left it. I love object permanence.

Hardware ads properly targeted at me:

"Edit your text files at the sharpest resolution your eye can discern!"

"With a refresh rate this fast, you won't believe the responsiveness of the 'Page Down' key"

"A graphics card so powerful it can drive hundreds of tmux panes at once"

Here's our article on the mechanisms of , explained using game theory and agent-based modeling (), mostly in part 2. Am so delighted and grateful that a popular press outlet would print something so egghead.

To entice you to click through, here's one of the simulations, which has been described as "hypnotic". In this one, higher prices (darker squares) win out and low-rent areas (lighter) get pushed East.

It's going to be an uphill social media climb for our article despite my coauthor's excellent reporting, because our title and hed don't confirm anybody's pre-existing opinions.

Hey U.S. citizens who have congressional representation, a request:

Please go vote today! Then next week, call your congressional representatives and tell them the 660,000 people in DC and 3.3 million people in Puerto Rico pay full taxes, are full citizens, yet don't have the congressional representation of the 530,000 people of Wyoming, and maybe systematic disenfranchisement (of a majority African-American and a majority Hispanic area) isn't OK anymore.

Thx in advance,

The disenfranchised.

Here's a poem by Leonard Cohen entitled "Kanye West is not Picasso". [ Scroll past the already dated commentary to read the poem itself.]

Pissed off at the misleading plots on this weather site. None of the Y axes start at zero degrees Kelvin.

Every year, when my media streams are filled with talk of the Apple event, all I can think about is this TV commercial from 1984.

Am in full-on Boheme mode today: alone in the garret working on a tortured manuscript, trying to stay warm with just a hot water bottle and some tea, a persistent cough that may or may not be consumption.

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First, read about how North Dakota, where the Democratic senator won by 3,000 votes last time ( currently expects a 12,000 vote lead by the R candidate), has passed laws that disenfranchise possibly tens of thousands of Native American voters:

Then, be amazed that this fundraising campaign is only about halfway to its goal:

Finally, do the right thing.

[Via the tribal web site: ]

What does it mean that Mr Stallman, a man who is possibly the most stubborn man in computing, so readily conceded to the people who didn't want an enforceable CoC?

And social skills aside, he really is brilliant. Why does he make the obviously false claim that adding an enforcement clause means that nobody will learn the norms expressed in the CoC until after the enforcement clause kicks in?

Today announced a generally level-headed code of conduct. .

BUT: Mr Stallman calls a with an enforcement clause "heavy-handed", and if one were set, "Several GNU package maintainers responded that they would quit immediately."

BTW, the document also has some "sorry you were offended"s:
* "certain patterns of communication that strike them as unfriendly, unwelcoming, rejecting, or harsh"
* presumptions about a demographic group "can offend people in that group"

Found math flash cards: . Am working on a category theory deck, if anybody wants to join in the fun.

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This came up again: when opposite-sex couples file their taxes, 95% of the time the first name is the man and the second the woman.

[Citation upon request]

Hey, who wants to interact with a brand?

Y'all probably caught this long ago, but am just now noticing that the octocat has seven tentacles: four legs, two arms, tail. Is there an eighth I'm missing?

Please don't let this be vulgar.

Hey, go to your telephone's app store and download Vote with me, which helps you remind all your friends in areas with tight races to vote. This is such an easy way to nudge things in the right direction.

Also, it will tell you all your friends' middle names.

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