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My on another site: I'm a microeconomist who spends his days searching for better models, but I mostly use this site for one-liners.

Am a heavy music consumer, and may post track links w/background. I do a lot with intellectual property, migration, and computational statstics, which I think are important topics with a lot of room for curiosity and creative exploration. I make soap, bike everywhere, often sleep in tents, and am generally an introverted hippie.

@DialMforMara @earthtopus Before the passport there were letters of passage, as @earthopus tooted. Whether those helped when you wandered across a border on the map was no doubt case-by-case (and were those were passports as we understand them today? Your call).

But the universal system we have today was established by the 1920 Paris Conference on Passports & Customs Formalities and Through Tickets. After that, you weren't supposed to cross a border (between the signatories) without a document.

A reminder that the concept of a passport is less than 100 years old.

Trying to imagine having a single canine tooth that grows so uncontrollably that it pierces through my lip and keeps growing straight forward until it's longer than my head. Would I never feel comfortable, would I get used to it quickly?

Anyway, narwhals: unicorns of the sea. They're adorable.

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Not feeling great about the project I'm working on at the moment.

Your jam for the day is "Mining for gold", by Trad. This is a twofer: one version by Margot Timmins, whose voice is a national asset (to Canada), and a folksy banjo-based version by James Gordon @1:28, because we all need more banjo in our lives.

The last line, a punchline in a perfect anapestic waltz, is in my head all the time.

Root privilege: the assumption that everybody else also has root/administrator access to their boxes.

My passwords are always song-related. This season, I went with songs about John Henry, t he patron saint of people struggling with automation, and it wasn't a good choice for my work mood.

Probably going to skip the conference this year. Last year was mostly people bonding by exchanging eye contact and facial expressions, and despite my best efforts that's just not my scene.

Here's a nice call-and-response song from 2011, that makes me feel feelings. I'm not giving it a uspol CW but it's become an obvious protest song in te present day.

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This NYT article about greenhouse gases from your food gives a good sense of proportions, doesn't coddle the reader, and takes time to talk about what's _not_ effective. Recommended.

Also, nice layout and uncomplicated data viz.

Last day of the month---clicking through on NYT articles with abandon!

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@t54r4n1 posh level: walked home with a baguette this morning

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Finished the first draft of my taxes, and I wanna blog about it. The changes to the personal exemption and the standard deduction largely cancel each other out, but the upshot is all deduction programs are now largely irrelevant to normal people, as the subsidy/incentive effect is weakened.

Tired of how people keep using Norse gods to name their servers---I often have to work on Loki and Thor---so I named the new one Xiuhtecuhtli.

"Art dismantles power, otherwise it is propaganda." - Cameron Esposito

This is the heuristic I'm using to evaluate all the April Fool's announcements this year.

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