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My on another site: I'm a microeconomist who spends his days searching for better models, but I mostly use this site for one-liners.

Am a heavy music consumer, and may post track links w/background. I do a lot with intellectual property, migration, and computational statstics, which I think are important topics with a lot of room for curiosity and creative exploration. I make soap, bike everywhere, often sleep in tents, and am generally an introverted hippie.

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It's fun because there are exclamation marks.

I'm so glad that the public domain is finally moving past Cthulu and steampunk. Let's celebrate.

A pal is working on a `zine collecting public domain works from 1923 (the year where all U.S. copyrights expired this month). He's sold out of the physical copies but I for one am looking forward to the monthly PDF version.

Every time a software and/or tech company changes its logo, the Internet responds like it's

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I'm good at passwords because I do two things

A) make up a new password every time I use a site
B) not remember what it was, and then have to reset it whenever I need to get back into that site a few weeks later

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Do you know 2019 is the international year of the periodic table? ⚗️

Look at this nice representation by C. R. Nodder (1920)

Here you can find many other ones:

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Raging against the machine today in the form of a 7-page reply to an administration RFC.

It'll be ignored because it's not what they want and they already know that they're so out of line that they're clearly contradicting Supreme Court opinions, but hey, the least we can do is call these people out.

TIL Amazon sells home security cameras, named after a horror movie about a girl who finds and kills people using video technology.

Remember that time that Amazon put out a product that people were worried would destroy the concept of the book and they named it "The Kindle"?

Carl Steadman, the inventor of Internet humor, is using for something again.

Logged in to the birdsite today and saw somebody is remixing St Gregory of Narek and I am verklempt:

Favorite line from my own essay about the USPTO's redefinition of "abstract":

"To give examples, a file-sorting algorithm may not be abstract, but selling dog food on the Internet is."

(3/3) You may not care about software patents (though you should, unless you work for Google, in which case congratulations). But the mandate that medical procedures can't count under the prohibition on patents for natural laws plus trival step is a massive land grab. A lot of procedures, tests, &c. that would have sold at generic prices are now going to sell at monopolist prices.

(2/3) Abstract ideas and laws of nature are not patentable. For example, if you discover that a drug causes a spike in some chemical in the blood, you can't patent that fact---and you can't patent a test whose sole content is that you measure that chemical and infer dosage from that.

So, the USPTO is trying to define these exceptions out of existence. The new conditions for disallowing a patent are so narrow that you'd only be barred from patenting the most blatant attempts.

(thread, 1/3) I posted something about the US Patent Office's proposed new standards (which it seems they're already using), and how it's going to expand what Google can claim as property and limit what medical procedures are in the public domain.

I had a great editor for the piece I wrote today and his revisions were so very educational. Looking forward to writing the next piece so I can apply everything I've learned.

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