Latest dream job after my 4-year term at my job is done (it’s set up so you can’t stay longer than 4 years): something in a city department of emergency management, so I can learn how it works and help make the technical systems better! Resiliency is really interesting to work on.

Fond of this genuine use of Comic Sans for an extremely specialized product at the harp store.

I’m now renting a medium-sized lever harp from Harps Etc in Walnut Creek, and I love how playing an instrument means developing this whole body of technical knowledge - this harp has Camac levers, while the other lever harp I’m trying up in Seattle (for the holidays with my family) has Loveland levers. Part of choosing a lever harp is deciding which kind you like: (I like Camac levers a little more - they are satisfyingly complicated-looking when you move them). (Selfie)

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For everyone who grew up with LeVar Burton's dulcet voice on "Reading Rainbow," like me and @scoots , he started a podcast recently called "LeVar Burton Reads."

He picks short fiction he enjoys and reads it, with authors like Octavia Butler and Ray Bradbury.

📖 🌈 It's basically Reading Rainbow for adults! 🌈 📖

Historical perspective on HIV/AIDS Show more

Historical perspective on HIV/AIDS Show more

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Japanese woodblock prints from the 1800s depicting Samurai Bats by Japanese Artist Utagawa Kuniyoshi (1798-1861)

@xor This zine has a "Movies about Artificial Intelligence" crossword puzzle where the clues are regexes, and you might enjoy it:

‪Karaoke is impossibly hard for me, and I can’t sing along to music in general, but I’m learning that singing with my harp might be possible? I can play as slow as I want, in a range that works for me, match the tones, and use my music practice skill to work on the tricky bits? This is interesting!

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hey bay area folks! I'll be speaking about how we make Logic happen at Let's Sketch Tech on Dec 8+9th. should be all around fun (Omayeli Arenyeka and Julia Evans are keynoting!). check it out and get tix here:

I was cleaning my kitchen floor this afternoon and looking at the weird orange light on the white tiles, and I don’t like the way it felt like a story - “What did you do when the fires came?” “We had to stay inside, so I cleaned the whole house, figured I might as well.”

Last time around with wildfire smoke, I bought myself a Vogmask and chose the one with pink flowers and green leaves and birds because I didn’t want to look and feel like I was in a dystopia while wearing it. It didn’t work - it just makes me think about the limited kinds of femininity and decoration imagined in some science fiction. (Selfie)

The evening of the day between Halloween and Dia de Los Muertos in the Mission is this lovely evening of things quietly rearranging and happening, with candy jetsam and marigold petals on the sidewalks. I like it a lot.

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My Coral Cups are finally available for pre-order. If anyone wants some computationally-crafted porcelain cups...

I am taking extremely beginner’s boxing classes because it’s fun and exercise is good for my brain, and when I change out of my federal-employee-style button-down shirt and put on my hand wraps, it would seem like an unrealistically illustrative sequence in a movie.

Here’s another dry mudlarking find, on the street while visiting family in the suburbs of Seattle - some kind of butterfly wings with a little bit of velcro on the back, maybe for a doll.

* Find a Bay Area harp teacher who knows things about both pedal harp and folk harp, and start taking lessons again
* With their advice, buy a small enough folk harp that I can carry it on public transit / walking up hills / etc.
* Find super resonant places so I can do things like this train station hymn:

I follow all these wonderful Thames mudlark accounts on Instagram, who post old bits they find on the shore - Roman pottery sherds, Victorian pins and clay pipes, buttons and coins of all kinds. I wish there was a shore like that here in the Bay Area, but the closest I have is to look at the ground a lot, and yesterday I found somebody’s Stranger Things pin and turned it into a lost and found. (Image is a cartoon version of the demogorgon character.)

Writing myself notes about what to focus on in practicing, and I don’t know the right names for how things sound or work in my fingers, so I give them names.

I like using Daily Tracker to help me be more consistent with each of a few things that I want to do, and also I feel a tiny sense of “yes this looks right” if I get any 3 of 4 in the same day, so it helps in both ways. Sharing since sometimes I find it helpful to learn about other people’s efforts at taking care of oneself, so here’s one of mine.

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