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Arachnids (tiny ones) 

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@kioskwitch a father and son duo working in the late 1800s made hundreds of glass anatomical models of sea life and fruit and atoms, which were tossed out or left to languish in closets when sturdier plastic models became readily available. The Blaschkas were adamant that these were just everyday models and not very impressive but every single one looks like an art piece and they're gorgeous and accurate. Their techniques have been completely lost

Disaster preparation, blood donation, mass murder 

Disaster preparation, blood donation, mass murder 

Happy to have made progress on repairing my duvet cover quilt my grandma made in the 70s with mostly vintage-at-the-time fabric. My mom and I talked to the fabric shop staff and learned the key is ironing fusible interfacing into it as reinforcement, *then* sewing in patches! My mom had a bit of 1949 interfacing that was fun, but this new interfacing product is amazing and soft and works well. Left it at my mom’s house to work on next time I visit; might write it as a blog post when I’m done?

This is the Eternal Bird Court poster that used to be abandoned in a corner of my office until I recently decided it was mine (by

Historical perspective on mass murder 

‪I started carrying a lightweight tape measure in my bag, and this has been useful over and over, so I share this with you as a thing you might find helpful too. It’s been especially good for checking surprise sidewalk finds and thrift store stuff for my house and garden.

Day off activities include bringing my old curtain to the fabric store for color/texture comparisons and my thrifted plant pots to the plant store for size/shape fitting. I have fully inherited the ways of my grandma.

Finished listening to The Dispossessed on my favorite hill, where I started listening to it six months ago, wasn’t what I expected, but I’m glad I read it, and it convinced me to listen to more fiction! (selfie)

Oakland’s Lake Merritt has a surprising number of shells and shell fragments on the sidewalks, probably dropped there by seagulls breaking them open to eat them. I picked one up and looked it up in this neat guide: - it seems to be from a Japanese littleneck clam. I heard somebody say recently that identifying the name of a thing is a way of putting yourself in relationship to it, and that seems right to me for why it feels good.

Is there any reasonable self-hosted/non-Google way of making something like a Google My Map (annotated points on a map)? I’d be fine with software I need to run myself. Thinking about making a map of favorite places to recommend to people (and places I want to go but haven’t been to yet), and it seems more fun to do my own.

Climate change, disaster preparation 

Climate change, disaster preparation 

Earthquake class, Hurricane Katrina 

Thinking about homophobia (mainly historical) 

Things I learned in earthquake class 

I am an anxious plant-tender‬, so usually when we get a night of rain I tuck my succulent pots under a bench so they don’t get too much water, but I’m going to try just leaving them out tonight and see if they’re fine, because that is probably silly.

Body things 

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