the thing is, gay girls have so much more conviction than boys

I should be given the funding to make a sword lesbian shoenen tbh

saw Promare in theaters and am only now an hour and a half later starting to have the adrenaline wear off

to be a lesbian within patriarchy is to be at war. the sword, then, is the fantasy of a violence that is tangible & elegant. the rivalry imagines an enemy worthy of respect, and the romantic duel dreams that conflict can be the beginning of a process instead of the end.

brought to you by my dishwasher hitting a race condition that made it beep softly every few minutes until I started and stopped it again. just long enough that I'd be like, hmm, where is that beep coming from, but would get distracted by something else before the next one came

I want to start a new regulatory standards organization that certifies devices as software-free. no computers in this machine.

using the same models and code I also made a book of latent space interpolations. this isn't 50k words long but I like it and wanted to share. PDF version image gallery:

idk if this is worth the effort but I can say that this same functionality would take like 3-4x as many lines in my current lua code

honestly unbelievable that I've never used a language with modulo integers as a native type. I feel like I'm in situations where they'd be useful constantly.

"guess which direction is the side path so you can pick up all the items" isnt level design, sorry

there's this aesthetic experience to playing a jrpg that I really love, but I keep getting frustrated by 1) failstates 2) the massive disconnect between the "mechanics" and the "story" and 3) the terrible level design

playing pokemon has me thinking about making a jrpg again

thinking abt designing programming languages and then using those to make tools. do I have PL friends? any recommended reading?

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