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reminder that I have a tabletop rpg available for sale! fall in love, get bloody revenge, and claim the throne in just an hour of play.

Hi! I'm a senior full-stack webdev looking for a job that can offer one (or more!) of the following:

• contract work (ideally 3-6 months)
• part-time work (20-25 hours a week)
• work outside of traditional tech industry and culture
• nonprofits, coops, and other non-public non-venture-capital organizations
• engineering teams that are majority women or majority queer
• a $250,000 salary or better

Please lmk if you have any leads!


Boosts appreciated

been going around my childhood home for the first time since transitioning taking extremely good selfies

a good 75% of the tech recruiters in my inbox are in the healthcare industry... bodes poorly for the future imo

Cringe is a concept invented by the ruling class to restrain your power level

I really want the chance to play one of these one-player-two-GM sword-and-sorcery rpgs by @lumpley sometime, they're so neat!

What I'm listening to today ("best techno on Youtube" 2/13): "Novation Peak | Ambient", r beny

I've linked r beny from here before; this is my favorite song of his. It's so simple but so powerful, a few chords run through steadily increasing distortion until they become a universe of sound. When I first heard it I just posted "Why did my heart just stop"

Used to when I felt like listening to this track I'd search YouTube for "Peak Ambient". That pretty much covers it.

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first time coming back since transitioning. I'll be staying for a few weeks or maybe longer. complicated feelings.

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seriously looking into moving into an RV this year

Someone carved the alphabet into a tree and let it deform for five years and made a font out of it:

What I'm listening to today: "Mutable Instruments Rings triggered by drums"

This is a drum solo with a physical trigger on the bass drum so every time the bass drum hits it advances a sequence on a modular synthesizer. In other words the drummer controls the entire piece, the synth conforms its tempo to the drumming and when the drummer starts switching the rhythm up the music adjusts to it in a really natural way. Technically interesting, but also an incredible mood!

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I just want to write my own algorithm for my japanese flashcards but I don't have time for a whole project 😭

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I wish my OS was designed such that that I could whip up a simple GUI app in a single evening.

Instead, it's as though I'm a carpenter trying to find a bandsaw somewhere inside a factory designed for mass-production

What I'm listening to today: "full.mp3"

I made this for a jam on Battle of the Bits way back in 2007; they made a pack of sound samples and challenged us to make a song with it. This ISN'T the song I made, it was a junk file I made during testing that cut up all 25 samples into 1/10th-second chunks and sorted them per a loudness criterion. I didn't publish this one but I still pull it out and listen to it sometimes. It's oddly compelling, with lots of surprising structure and melodic sections.

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the feminine urge to lick the extra estrogen off of the syringe after you've thrown out the needle

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