I know I've said before that it's one of my favorite cards, but I would like to draw the 10 of swords a little less often please

I should really start writing my thoughts down in a non-microblog format

People who have thoughts or resources on how large groups can become organized without dependency on heirarchical violence or adversarial conflict resolution (like voting) should talk to me more, I would love more people to bounce ideas off of.

I've found value lately in the possibilities that a diverse collection of high-trust relationships allow for. Conflict resolution can come so much more naturally. I'm considering ways to build large structures and collaborative efforts while preserving that intimate trust

An avenue of thought that has been very rewarding for me but has yet to fully take shape is using the 1-on-1 relationship (in other words: trust; the truly meaningful kind) as the atomic unit that other structures are built out of.

Most of the societal systems we interact with use the individual as their atomic unit. Procedures and policies operate on each person separately. Historically (and in other cultures) it's been common to use the family, instead. I wonder about other possibilities.

pleased to announce that I have finally figured out a reason to learn rust

"EMDR doesn't require the patient to speak about the intolerable or explain to a therapist why they feel so upset" and as such "it allows them to stay fully focused on their internal experience, with sometimes extraordinary results." It can be given even over a language barrier!

EMDR is a practice that allows patients to re-integrate trauamatic memories, putting them into the context of their larger life narrative. It takes advantage of the interesting properties of eye motion, which may be related to how REM sleep allows us to draw unlikely connections.

The final chapters of the Body Keeps the Score are deep dives into 6 different cutting-edge (or long-known-but-rarely-acknowledged) approaches to trauma treatment, several of which I had never heard of: EMDR, yoga, IFS, psychomotor therapy, neurofeedback, and communal theater

finished body keeps the score. have like 5 chapters that I still need to tweet

just gotta learn songwriting. I'll get there

"Andrew bird but computers" is honestly not far off from what I have slowly moving towards making, musically speaking

I read Vattu book 3 (after a reread of the others) and also Island Book by @evandahm@twitter.com this last week and I'm once again reminded that he's one of my all-time favorite writers and is only becoming moreso over time

I guess the nice thing about taking forever to get into andrew bird is that now I have a whole-ass discography to dig into

I'm trying to pull everything except attempts to meet new people and self-promotion off of social media, so whenever I find myself tweeting about something I assume I must be lacking a community to engage in that sort of thing with.

any of my friends have a discord/slack/irc server dedicated to talking about humane software, utopian computing, etc? I don't really want to run yet another server but I will if I can't find one

Like, what if I didn't have to double-check my scripts for typos? And, what would it look like if we could keep the philosophy of the UNIX terminal while also breaking from the monospace font grid?

What if it was so easy to build graphical components that we could conjure spontaneous visual tools the way bash scripters work so elegantly with pipes?

Why is it an arcane art? Maybe it's because the discoverability is basically nonexistant. I don't want to read man pages. Imagine if the terminal had the magic autocomplete stuff that VS code is working on for js, or docs for your current tool automatically populated below the text box?

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