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reminder that I have a tabletop rpg available for sale! fall in love, get bloody revenge, and claim the throne in just an hour of play.

"This worldview looks at city services and wonders if the city could be more efficient and better organized if these systems were 'smart'. But these systems already are smart. They are all operated by people with intrinsic knowledge β€” and not just where that one neighbor hides the recycling cans, but also the names of kids and the birthdays of dogs and the needs of elders who can’t make out to the store anymore. This knowledge does not make it into the dataset."

Gonna start saving pdf copies of online essays to be more resilient to link rot

Considering finally getting into LaTeX and seeing if I can replace indesign for laying out tabletop RPGs

finally made a now page. going to try to update it weekly-ish. might end up keeping a log of old entries. might not.

so tired of tech recruiters. I'm starting to be extra blunt in responses to them in hopes of burning enough bridges that I get less of them. who needs a career anyway

Favorite learn-to-program books/sites that use js?

I've been using a terminal-based plaintext email client for the last week. I'm taking joy in the way that it completely ruins all of the impact of marketing emails, revealing them as the jumble of tracking links that they are.

had my first ever guitar lesson today, after years of being self-taught. excited to have my connection to the craft be mediated by human relationships and tradition instead of by parasocial relationships

My lesbian road trip RPG "Get in the Car, Loser!" will be coming out this September! Learn more at

okay, here we go. proper downwards y-collision, specifically tuned to the sprite's feet. also features something I built earlier but haven't had the chance to test: "coyote time", where you're still allowed to jump for a few frames after walking off a ledge.

Working on building the level editor into the game, so that I have something to run my collision code against.

@neauoire it seems like because of the way foreground sprites work, there's no way to layer them transparently over each other, is that right?

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