I realized last year that, when you associate each kind of task with a specific device, an entire class of concern ("syncing") is eliminated, and the resulting tools and workflows are much simpler. I was taking for granted that all of my files and tools should be available and in sync when this is probably never actually essential.

This job is very good to me but I really need to get some more queer & trans people in here.

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My workplace has spots open for a backend programmer ($120,000 or $145,000) a solutions engineer ($96,500), and a growth development manager ($120,000). Remote friendly (within the US). jobs.lever.co/ridereport. You can learn something about what it's like to work here from our public employee guide:

Six years after my college degree burned me out, I'm finally (slowly, gently) dipping my toes into pencil-and-paper composition again. I've never managed to find anything else that works quite as well for me

Working on my dungeon-crawling ttrpg, I've been thinking recently about how various norms of interaction are important for the setting, and that lead me to want to explore making those norms explicit and a part of the game's mechanics.

In the interest of working with the garage door open more, I've decided to transfer my notes for some of my unfinished tabletop rpg design projects into my wiki.


I've been using my personal wiki for a full season now. It's amazing how easily it fit into and transformed the way I spend my time. Looking forward to watching this thing grow all tangled and strange in the coming years.

Sat outside trying to memorize all the different birdsongs in my neighborhood, and to tell where each bird likes to hang out. After a while of it, it started to fatigue and overwhelm me as what was before a noisy texture of sounds became a collection of acts of communication.

There's a few little brown birds, each with their own songs, that seem to each have their own spots. There's also a flock of tiny ones with a high-pitched twitter, and a few others with a simple one-note tweet.

Trying to decide whether I want to have nice kerning, or to embrace the simplicity and slight awkwardness of the 8-pixel grid. I'll probably stick with the latter for now.

"The very same political discourse that had once excluded homosexuals from American society by appealing to the interests of a silent majority is now used by homosexuals to keep members of its community in check."

And that's the book. Looking at what's transpired in the 6 years since the author's death in the context of what I've read leaves me some tangible hope and a lot of concern.

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Learned about rsync the other day as a faster alternative to scp... one of these days I need to just go through and read every single entry in section one of my computer's man pages, there are so many useful things.

In a society where health is oriented around whether or not you can work we will "live the decay of our organs and bodies far more explicitly, painfully, and overwhelmingly than ever before." And this can't be ground for political struggle when we're enclosed in a moralistic view of health as an individualized choice.

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"As state violence receded, markets stepped in to meet and shape a consumer profile of gay identity."

Chitty's argument as I understand it is that anti-assimilationism gains its teeth when you understand it as a material and class-driven struggle over relation between sexuality and public space, and here seems to be saying that the gay bars of the 70s and 80s were the first step of enclosing gays into private space.

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Oh, nice, just learned about the "fold" command for not letting words cross newline boundaries.

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Tinkering with making a tiny tilde server for my friends. I set up my shell to tell me a random fact (via wikipedia) every time I log in

Starting to build the language for entering notes. You enter notes using the first letter of solfege, and it'll pick the note closest to the previous one. You can move the cursor up or down to make bigger leaps with '+' or '-'. This is "notate 'drmfs-s+rtd'

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"To put it schematically: alternate or queer sexualities historically emerged along the fault lines of transformed property relations in a process of combined and uneven development."

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"It is fascinating the degree to which intellectuals are willing to attribute such sweeping transformative ideological powers to television shows."

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