Queerness is definitionally not a monolith. If you don't like someone's queerness, good! Build your own & find your people.

I want more bad queer art, some full of sharp edges and some tender and some both. I want an endless deluge of it and I want absolutely zero hot takes about any of it. Us queers need to learn to let go and say "go with god" to the people and things we don't like.

it's common to make fun of "hipsters" for being bummed out when a tiny niche thing becomes a part of mass culture but like, I feel like that stems from a desire to have an un-alienated relationship to culture?

what I am saying is, more zines pls.

it seems to me like the capitalist imperative towards endless expansion as applied to publishing (self- or otherwise) can only result in context-collapse, meaning we get maximally-palatable art like Disney stuff, or we get messy art violently removed from its necessary context

or maybe we just need to kill social media idk

I think the relationship our culture has to art will have to fundamentally change as part of building a better world

I guess the easiest-to-implement "self-hosted" alternative would be to get a slightly larger purse and carry a planner with me

this would be so much easier if I just had a "calendar file" that I could sync across devices via dropbox, bc then I don't need to think abt maintaining a server infrastructure

brought to you by the chain of thought:
- I should have a self-hosted calendar
- oh all the options I can find are either overbearingly large or poorly-maintained
- I could write my own, let's look at the spec
- god do I really want to write yet another webserver

increasingly getting this feeling that servers+databases are (usually) a mistake and our tools should be operating on files

Queer Eye but it's five friends coming over for a visit

hello it is the full moon tonight. it is a good time to keep your eye out for a fallen moon-spirit who might need your help!! I am sure you could probably wing it pretty well, but just in case, @WednesdayQuest@twitter.com and I have prepared a guide to help you out!!

folks are saying it's a jade plant! thank you so much everyone

I hate this society of contextless consumption, it's irresponsible to sell living things removed from their history, with no information about how to care for it

do I have any friends who know how to identify succulents, my work gave me one as a 1-year gift

oh god I just realized my work monitor's brightness has been at 100%, no wonder my eyes feel like shit rn

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