Alright, deleting twitter! See you in a week and a day, friends 🌸

So you know how websites can setup oath to log in via google or twitter or whatever? You should be able to do that from one mastodon server to another, so I could exist on multiple servers while only needing to sign in once.

not on bandcamp so I'm not putting it in the thread, but I listened to "Wild Heart EP" by Bec Sandridge on @esten's recommendation.

This sort of music is so comfortable me, like wearing my favorite sweater or being held by my gf on a crisp autumn evening.

"but clarity, I don't know what I'd write a letter about"
Good!! That will make it a better letter. What's something that you've been turning over in your mind? Is there a threshold you feel on the verge of crossing? Tell me a story about an event that made you feel something.

a thing that doing this bandcamp thing is revealing is how hard it is to write about music. I feel like I'm slowly learning. I often have to listen to albums two or three times to actually know what to say about them.

every trans girl and transfemme I see out in the world is such a blessing and gift, gosh

Dog-Maw and the Plastic LA Skyline - FLUKE

I've had to re-listen to this like 5 times the last few work days bc I found it immediately sunk into the background of my consciousness in a home-y sort of way. A bouquet of diverse and charming songwriting.

I'm gonna be on vacation from this wednesday through the next, and I think I'm gonna delete twitter from my phone and be generally less online for the course of it. wanna stay in touch? write me a letter! or an email or whatever! it doesn't have to be long or interesting :)

The new Clarity purposefully looks at queer girls until we make eye contact, and then smiles at them

I think I flustered a cashier girl. She was staring at me, and then I complimented her necklace and she stammered and mentioned “lots of cute outfits in spring” (it’s summer, babe) and asked me if I wanted the food for here or to go two different times

finally found some pins that girls consistently compliment me for and of course they are pins

Good morning, friends, it’s friday! Hope you’ve all made it through the week with your feet on the ground 💖


Very good sadgirl pop. Makes me want to dance and then cry and then both. The production has a wonderfully rich sound to it that eases me into the heavy moods.

kelly moran - Origin EP

Hypnotic piano work, sometimes reminiscent of debussy or other early modern composers, filtered through... a prepared piano? effects? I'm not sure, but it's an amazing sound, floating right between percussion and melody.

Laurie Spiegel - The Expanding Universe

Spiegel's brilliant clean tones show an amazing confidence in her sequencing and composition, and it's well-earned because damn this stuff sounds great. I need to figure out what she's doing so I can do it too.

Seth Martin and the Menders -
Putting the Sky to Sleep

Some good good lush folks sounds, the kind that makes you wish you were singing along around a campfire. A lovely wistful energy.


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When I was a kid I thought anime plots where the protagonist is able to overcome a better skilled, more resourced opponent by the sheer power of emotions were silly and unconnected to the real world, but as an adult I am coming around to this view

good morning, friends 🌱 it’s another cloudy day. i’m feeling refreshed from going to bed extra early, excited for my upcoming vacation, and a bit lost and trapped in a lingering bad mood that i’ve been trying to navigate my way out of. how are you?

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