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reminder that I have a tabletop rpg available for sale! fall in love, get bloody revenge, and claim the throne in just an hour of play.

my rpg pet peeve is people using camera/film metaphors in their narration. rpgs directly draw from the traditions of oral storytelling and theater, and it feels bizarre to me to throw all of that out and fall back on "pretending that we are watching a movie". an unnecessary layer of detachment.

I haven't actually read the last volume of Vattu because I stubbornly insist that Evan Dahm—despite being a longtime webcomic artist—comes off much better in print than on a screen. Excited to complete my set next year!

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my favorite ongoing webcomic has ended after 12 years
good time to read it maybe?

Realized today that the reason I struggle to focus on Actual Play streams is because watching them feels like being trapped on a Zoom call where I’m not allowed to speak.

suddenly in the mood to play a game of intrigue, romance, and betrayal for three or more players

Babe are you okay? You've barely laughed at any of the social media posts I've made in this format

rando blog posts be like:

Here’s the 15 step system I use to deploy my static blog using nix, ticks, flyboogle, AI-assisted tooling, and cereal crunch.


scp -r content/*.html me@host.rad:/var/www/

Go brrrrrrrrrr.

After using just a little bit I now get really annoyed whenever I have to use github at work. The PR workflow makes it so much harder to keep a properly clean commit history.

I am always thinking about how little we know about the past because of how fragile everything that isn't stone or metal is and how many of the little everyday things have been lost to time, on that note please check out this swan stuffed animal from the 4th century BC!

It pisses me off that after twelve years of doing front-end development, I still need to scold egomaniacal developers for using buttons for links.

*sees a cute girl* fuck... no way im getting any weaving done today

I think we need to revise the sexual baseball metaphor for lesbians.

Like first base is “noticing each other” and holding hands is like, 18th base.

Taking off your clothes and nibbling on each other is maybe 80th base. Moving in together is only 4th base, at most.

Saying “I love you” is either 3rd or 342nd base depending on the situation. Similarly sex is 2nd, 500th, or not in play.

Getting her number is 5th base. A second date is probably 254th base.

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