I was gonna do something big today, but I’m sick so I’m just looking cute and spending time with my gf instead, and that’s okay

can the feds pls take a day off from trying to kill me. I promise my poor body will be picking up the slack 🤒

stuck on no less than 4 different bosses in sekiro and I think I've run out of alternate routes to explore 😓

god i love souls games in concept but i have always bounced off of the "dodge roll around them and stab em in the ass" combat system. having a souls-ish game with this sick of a combat system is like catnip for me

“make noise” is a brand of eurorack modules but I guess it is a phrase too lmao

i hate being sick. so many cute girls in the world and i cant kiss any of them. this is homophobic

yo sekiro owns. I've been toying with combat systems using stance-breaking mechanics similar to this (both for rpgs and video games) for years and it's soooo cool to see it in action. everything I wanted it to be.

playin video games bc im too sick to do real things

sekiro…. is good…. and v hard

phew being sick…… it sucks, folks. 0 out of 5 stars.

can u imagine having ur body be naturally jester patterned… u couldn’t match outfits at all… nothing but sympathy for my sonicsona

clarity the hedgehog. from deviantart user ClarityTheHedgehog. honestly........ yeah fair.

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Fun thing to do at the library: walk through the aisles until a book's spine catches your eye. Ideally it's a pretty well-worn book; for this technique to work it needs to have had a fair number of readers over the years.

Grasp the book's spine and hold it so the pages hang down. Find a an air gap where the pages naturally hang open, and read those pages.

Today I found this lovely passage on randomness/entropy in a book called "Paradox" by Jim Al-Khalili.

i think im gonna do it. i'll get back to yall when i've designed a few icons and written a code of conduct down lol.

hmm what if i made a discord for trans girls to talk abt synthesizers

the answer is no, im not, bc im not wearing a choker

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