Finally writing out a document with all the dungeon game mechanics. This game is good, y'all. Some of my smartest design work, yet; the parts harmonize in surprising & delightful ways.

I just backed Meguey and Vincent Baker's Under Hollow Hills on Kickstarter! This is my favorite rpg I've ever played, and has genuine fairy magic in its roots. It's worth your time and money.

Can’t believe that five days from now I’ll be on a plane to nyc

it was hard to find my smile this morning. she’s still in there tho 🍂

The biggest barrier is that a good number of the cards’ standard readings lift up hegemonic norms. I sometimes have to do some deconstruction in order to find something that makes sense to me

I ask a specific question about how I should approach something, or something to keep in mind, or my mental landscape. Attempting to then fit the card to the shape of the question pushes me to consider things I might not otherwise.

I’ve been doing 1-card tarot readings every morning for the last week, and I’m finding it to be a useful practice for exercising my introspection.

Happy friday (the 13th), friends! How are y’all feeling? I’m optimistic that I’ll be able to freefall my way into a weekend that I’ve been looking forward to.

The chapter concludes with a question: human relationships and touch are necessary for healing, but how can you access these things if trauma puts you in attack mode from something even as small as eye contact?

I guess we’ll find out next time.

Van der Kolk is not anti-medication but does advise a holistic approach to trauma treatment for which medication can be one part of the process.

“All too often, however, drugs are prescribed instead of teaching people the skills to deal with such distressing physical reactions... Medications only blunt sensations and do nothing to resolve them or transform them from toxic agents into allies”.

Treatment involves helping patients “notice and then describe the feelings in their bodies”. Not emotions, but the physical sensations. Attention is drawn to how these change as they recall & talk about past events that they thought didn’t bother them. This is very stressful!

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