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At this end of the day, this is just another social media platform to mute Wil Wheaton on

When I can call entire shots and sequences in your cut scenes, you’re no longer “inspired by” a film, you’re just stealing

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I’m trying to play Witcher 3 but between all the stuff it steals from the Lord of the Rings movies and the rampant unwarranted heteronormativity, it’s...pretty bad

Omg this game was inspired by a Molydeux tweet?? Wonderful.

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sext: you find your internal sense of self-worth

I’ve had “All Star” stuck in my head for two days and it’s all @aanand’s fault.

Leaving xoxo...the last talk had a bunch of racist screenshots in it at one point and apparently the speaker told the Andys about it and they forgot to give the content warning.

Once the event runners start violating their own CoC, I’m out.

Between the table rounds with black tablecloth and the black/teal color scheme, xoxo has major “1990s awkward wedding” vibes

Every time I’m like “well maybe I’ll stop by xoxo” there’s just more stuff that’s like “wait...what?” in the event slack and makes me think it’s not even worth going across town to check in at registration. Life is too short to be voluntarily frustrated and confused by shit you pay for.

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I realize I must be in the minority on this, but I just want events to have an actually-organized, complete schedule, and to then follow it. I don’t need “surprises” I want to know what I’m walking into.

Jane Eyre is a fantasy where the girls who are not so great looking can identify with a girl who is not so great looking getting a guy who is charismatic but also not that great looking

Close runner up, of course, is Darius Kazemi’s roast of every XOXO talk, “How I Won The Lottery”:

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My favorite XOXO talk remains the Golan Levin & Pablo Garcia postmortem of their kickstarter that included the names, faces, and living/working conditions of all the Chinese factory workers who actually built the product. The atmosphere in the room just kept getting more and more tense and uncomfortable because nobody could figure out how/when/if to clap. You could feel the room being forced to grow, it ruled.

It’s a bummer that Art & Code turned out to be incredibly overcrowded and ran over an hour behind schedule, since I’m p sure “art & code” used to be the point of xoxo.

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I skipped all of the pre-conference xoxo stuff because it looked like it would be a shitshow and based on reports...that was the correct move.

Queer Eye but it's five chrises driving to freedom

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