it's neat that i last played OG minecraft in 2010 but was able to just migrate that purchase over a whole ass decade later

I think Super Mario Sunshine gets the Most Improved superlative for this collection, but that still only brings it from "very distant third" up to "distant third"

Today I finally went back and beat my first ever video game, Alex Kidd in Miracle World, thirty-ish years after I first played it. It was too hard for me as a little kid so must of it was new to me, but honestly even the beginning of that game has some hot garbage in it and I'm surprised it didn't put me off of the medium for life

video game where you run an inn and every time the heroes stay there you need to give them medical treatment overnight because they think going to sleep should be enough to heal physical trauma for some reason

"I usually bathe in a bathtub, put a keyboard at the entrance of the bathroom, and when it feels hot, I go up and touch the keyboard."

XSEED is having a sale as they clear out their warehouse, so I bought the Trails merch…and they also shipped me an equal number of other random things that I guess they're just trying to get rid of. I now have two soundtracks, a stuffed animal and a pin, all from games I've never played

I still think about this slide from Maciej Cegłowski's 2013 XOXO talk like once a month

one of the skaters in the THPS1+2 remake was born in 2001, after both of the original games came out

damn you know what maybe i CAN be an organizer. thanks outlook

As a teenager I feel like I had a million conversations about how I hoped they would one day be able to make Shenmue 3, and now I've had it for nearly a year and still haven't even installed it

y’all ever just have dinner 2 like a goddamned hobbit

when I was younger I did this thing for a while where all of the characters I created in sports games were part of the same family, the Nevebos; the first one was Todd Nevebo for THPS

21 years later I just made Todd's daughter Lily for the new remaster

going more minimalist every year with my hobonichi cover. maybe in 2022 i’ll end up with a solid color!

there's still time to turn my twitter into an ichiko aoba fan account though eh

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meant to post this here and not on twitter: it’s extremely good that all photos of ichiko aoba exist on a spectrum between forest sprite and horror movie ghost

I didn’t get my shit together in time to vote early in the primary so I went in person. And it was a million times better than the grocery store! People were following the arrows taped to the ground and everything, and I didn’t have to get close to anybody

I think I just posted an Achewood strip from before one of my coworkers was born

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