Thinking about tweeting again next year, at least a little bit. I'm glad Mastodon has become a nice quiet coffee shop to hang out in, so to speak, but almost everyone I know is still over there…

Other people all looking at their phones or just walking away entirely

I only have a few Trails fans in my life but whenever I see any of them, especially after completing a new game, it’s an hours-long conversation

New rule: no AI Dungeon screenshots are allowed. Instead, you have to copy and paste the text into Apple's Notes app so it looks like a celebrity apology

"CalZones is a brilliantly designed that solves a single problem: eliminate the confusion that comes with scheduling events with people in other time zones."

"CalZones" might only be runner-up for best new iPhone app, but it absolutely runs away with best app title. Just incredible work

I started a new game of Stardew Valley and I’d forgotten that the early game is actually kind of stressful, when you have to get off the ground without any skills or infrastructure. It takes a few hours to establish enough of a routine that it becomes a good relaxation game, at least for me

the ability to reach the sink from the bathtub continues to be this apartment’s most underrated feature

the only band version of an Ichiko Aoba song that can hang with the solo version is Lace no Mukou from Radio

I would say ‘don’t @ me’ but I expect no one else has an opinion about this anyway so go ahead and @ me

49,607. I could polish it off now, but I left myself just enough to do a victory lap tomorrow.

every Thanksgiving I watch about fifteen minutes of the dog show and laugh at the hashtag they put in the corner,

probably the best idea that's ever come to me in a dream is a mashup of Big Yellow Taxi and the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles theme song

want to applaud the webcomic Gunnerkrigg Court for having a clone version of the main character shows up and then, instead of resolving that inside of a single arc, keeping two versions of the main character around for a whole-ass year (so far!)

Update: Pokemon extremely does not let you skip cutscenes

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