I just got back from a trip, there is only one grocery store convenient to me, and the workers there are on strike, so it’s officially burger time

occurs to me now that Baba Is You probably can't be translated into a bunch of languages

I got a 'passport wallet' and the passport pocket is like 2mm too small to actually fit a passport 🙃

Another less fun one: even after cutting way back on Twitter etc, I still read enough apocalyptic news that I don't look forward to things in the same way as I used to. Instead I think "Phew, another day where things were largely okay," as though I'm banking those for a future where everything has gone to hell and I'll need a reserve of better times to look back on

A new thought pattern I’ve noticed recently:

• “Well of course people like that game—it has all of those features in it”
• “That song is only popular because it sounds good”
• “I doubt anyone would go to that park without the pond”

What…is this

(Though I guess that if I couldn't be bothered to quit my work apps before closing my laptop, I also wouldn't remember to log out)

Maybe I ought to make a separate user account on here for work or something

I opened my laptop after using it at work earlier and I still had Slack and Outlook and all this work stuff open, and I just went AHH NOOOOOO and frantically spammed cmd-tab/cmd-Q to quit everything so I didn't have to look at it for even a second longer than necessary

Oops I read too much internet and now I don’t want to see anybody’s opinion on anything anymore

y'all ever just…feel some unspecified anxiety

Exchange from the most recent Nintendo Power podcast episode:

“Auron is one of the coolest characters Final Fantasy has to offer, and he’s got, like…one of the smoothest armpits I’ve ever seen in a game—”

“Excuse me??”

(incidentally, the last time I saw a superhero movie was The Dark Knight Rises in 2012)

Hello, it's me, the guy who only watches one movie per month! I just got to Into the Spider-Verse, and it's really good. Well, bye for now!

back on my bullshit: it's 12:30 am and I've decided to change a minor plot point in a story I wrote in 2012

it’s weird that mcdonald’s has different menu options called “double cheeseburger” and “mcdouble” and “double quarter pounder.” it’s like when you get towards the end of an rpg and the shops sell a potion that heals all your hp but they also still sell the crummy basic potion from the tutorial town

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