Will Untitled Goose Game and Sayonara Wild Hearts and Link’s Awakening and Later Alligator and probably like 15 cool-looking Apple Arcade games be enough to pull me away from Trails this weekend? STAY TUNED

important update for my zero fellow ichiko aoba fans: the full version (which is still short) is on the japanese link's awakening page, via the widget at the bottom right nintendo.co.jp/switch/ar3na/wo

Ao no Kiseki end of ch 3/beginning of ch 4 spoilers 

date_short_pretty is how a robot compliments the person they're meeting from okcupid when the localization module malfunctions

anyway the back half of Ao (at least I _hope_ this is the back half!) is as good as this series has ever been IMO, it’s in the running for my favorite one overall

it’s fun when somebody reveals something exciting in a Trails game and everyone in the room gets a ❗️ above their head…but it’s even better when everyone _except one person_ gets the ❗️ because that person knows some shit

Ah…I suppose that, now that I'm not on vacation anymore, I shouldn't just stay up playing video games until my contact lenses start to dry out

my phone now automatically capitalizes Fire, presumably because of Fire Emblem

Even if I only clean 20% of the apartment today instead of all of it, it’s still cleaner!! 😤

Playing Ao no Kiseki and I thought "god, there's so much going on in this game that it's getting hard to keep track"

…and then minutes later my characters were invited to a LITERAL SLIDESHOW to help explain the situation. Like, someone actually called to their assistant to advance to the next slide at one point. I'm dying

damn, hershey's kisses had their classic status revoked…you hate to see it

I wish more video games had a way to find out what song is currently playing. I just Shazamed my computer speakers

me, going into Starbucks and sweeping all the orders off the counter and onto the floor:

My normal work hours are 10-6, but I'm still on vacation and happened to try to get on a train home at 5 today…yikes! I'm glad I normally miss the rush

Anyway that's my 2 AM Trails thread, good night everyone

And here's one for Ao that has a whole playbook. I just got through this fight now and used exactly none of these recommended abilities/spells. You just need to hit them one at a time! These poor FAQ writers…

Here's one for Zero that also suggests powering through with AOE attacks and heals. (Level 30 is on the high end for this part of the game, and Flare Butterfly is a super powerful spell)

Here's a FAQ for Sky SC which suggests hitting everyone with the spell Aerial and then healing through their AOE attacks. That probably makes this fight twice as hard as necessary!

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