i heard someone refer to a "wint tweet" tonight. who calls him wint??

I had to take a bunch of literature courses for my college English degree, and I somehow got the idea that it would be fun to take courses focusing on individual authors. I took four: Chaucer, Joyce, Philip Roth, and Toni Morrison. An unusual set!

Morrison was my favorite of those classes, though. I keep meaning to go catch up on the two or three novels she's put out since I took it

God, I hope this means she just smashes the MFA loaner instruments on stage at the end of her last gig

My seats…were not great. But she was!

This photo of Rhiannon Giddens at Symphony Hall brought to you by yelling ENHANCE at my phone fifty times

there's a big water main break almost directly outside my office today...new commute plan 🏄

This Crank-Based Handheld Is The Hardware Project Soulja Boy Was Looking For All Along

today we got an epilepsy warning for a portion of the office

seems weird to wish people a HAPPY world goth day

This kind of thing reminds me that, while smartphones and tablets and the internet are neat, I actually do specifically like using computers

"A collection of open and indie Mac, iOS, and web apps that help promote the open web": macopenweb.com

A cool resource! A couple of the choices have me scratching my head, though. (Flickr, in 2019?)

I've been getting spam emails about borescopes at my work address for years now but I just can't be mad at them

I love Gunnerkrigg Court and the current arc (or maybe…current status quo?) is great, but it updates just infrequently enough that I have a hard time bridging the pages into a contiguous story. I feel like I'm gonna need to sit down and binge the last twentyish chapters in one sitting before I actually understand what's going on

I bet this is the first time anyone has ever said "excuse me, Kermit's duplets" before

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