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me trying to explain who demi adejuyigbe is for the first time: oh he does like these videos on twitter. one time it was the song september but just the first line over and over and he had this shirt that was like “that’s today,” haha, and then the next year there was confetti. and also he does this thing where he writes like a fake will smith rap? like it’s a fake movie theme? but it’s really good. so anyway

me trying to explain who demi adejuyigbe is for the second time: oh he’s this comedian

me: I can't believe there are 27 Love Live characters now, I'll never be able to keep track of all this

also me: can't wait to find out about character 75 or whatever the fuck in Smash Bros

I read the manga Yokohama Kaidashi Kikou. It's good

1. It's rad that Falcom has all of their music available on YouTube and streaming services

2. Also rad that they're pretty permissive about the use of their music in general falcom.com/music_use/

3. There's an album of unused tracks from Trails in the Sky (!!!) youtube.com/playlist?list=PLzF

4. All of them…seem like good cuts honestly

5. This one is cool, though I can't imagine it actually working in the game. Sounds halfway between Mother and Sonic the Hedgehog youtube.com/watch?v=xd3gMhIF4E

Every time I don't feel well I think "I don't want to eat anything; I'll wait until I feel better to eat" even though I don't think that plan has worked once in my entire life

OK I went in on preordering the CD/DVD set and there's a good chance it'll come in by (or even on) my birthday 😮

New party idea: everyone leave me alone so that I can listen to the new Ichiko Aoba album all night, on repeat, in the dark

I see she's back to the plain single-color artwork after just letting LOOSE on her last album

Just noticed Ichiko Aoba announced that a new album is coming out next month and I am so, so excited. I probably listen to her more than anyone else since she's my go-to writing music and relaxing music

not pictured: a fifth earthbound cover in the other room that I forgot about when arranging this picture

no YOU have too many earthbound covers

This is, unironically, my favorite thing I've read on a video game website in months. That fucking lede, y'all waypoint.vice.com/en_us/articl

Got my 2019 Hobonichi planner in the mail today at work! I'm excited to take it home and then not even unwrap it for another three and a half months

Figured out what caused a minor localization bug in an eight-year-old game...y-yay

It's a shame that Dragon Quest XI can't seem to help treating all of its women as sex objects, and also that so much of the music is garbage, because it's doing almost everything else so well

was just trimming my fingernails and thought “I bet I could make a good UI sound out of this for scrolling through menu options”

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in pokemon xy/oras, the protagonist has a wii u

combined, those games outsold the wii u

the majority of wii u consoles in the multiverse belong to pokemon characters

I think I’m only just starting to recover from my Portland trip now. I had a few nights this week where I didn’t get to sleep until 3 AM, and since I have to talk to people for my job I wasn’t able to get my introvert’s overstimulation from XOXO under control either. I came back from vacation more in need of a break than when I left

@courtney I love that I can still immediately associate your avatar pic with that one specific viral tweet after all these years

My favorite little design thing so far in Dragon Quest: map markers don't point to where you're supposed to go; they point to people who can _tell_ you where you're supposed to go.

The effect is largely the same, but it feels way better to get a marker over a town NPC and hear him say "Oh, that place? I think it's west across the bridge" than to have the party just mysteriously know exactly where everything is