i did not ingest even a minute of e3 coverage today and i don't know that i want to start now so maybe i'm just gonna declare gamer bankruptcy

excited for video game announcement season this year. been a little while

all that said: it is darkly hilarious that they have these signs up that literally say "we've still got it!"

and hey, maybe they do! it's not desolate—there were a lot of people in there. and they do still have, like, an apple store. maybe they can turn it around. but i can't help feeling like it's sustained a mortal wound. probably most malls are there right now eh

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this is all probably made worse because the nearby subway stop has been closed for construction for months now. you can get a shuttle bus there but it's slow.

anyway, i think malls are neat, despite everything, and i'll miss it

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they were already not doing so hot before the pandemic—they went from three stories down to two and started leasing office space on the top floor, and they lost one of their big anchor stores (sears). but now they've lost the other one (macy's) and are shedding regular stores too (even a starbucks!). at one spot there were three vacant stores in a row

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went to my local mall yesterday for the first time in a year and a half and i'm sorry to report that i don't think things are going well over there

tumblr that catalogs those currency purchase screens from mobile games where there’s like a couple gold coins on the leftmost button and then five overflowing treasure chests on the rightmost button

at first i thought this would be about some incredible metatextual thing where important lore was contained within the end user license agreement

one of my most referenced text files is titled "tweets from twitter dot com" and it's just links to a bunch of classic tweets that i don't want to lose track of. sometimes you need to be able to pull out the grink or teeth teeth teeth or you KICK miette at a moment's notice

sometimes if you listen to a comedy podcast at like 1.2x everyone seems wittier. it's like giving them all improv training

happy anniversary to the Cracking the Cryptic video about that one wild sudoku puzzle youtube.com/watch?v=yKf9aUIxdb

the last week before full vaccination has the same vibe as one of those video game quests where you have to defend a point of interest against waves of enemies

several weeks ago I plugged in a USB drive called "hey" and I'm playing a little game with myself where I'm not allowed to open it until I remember what it is

my heat is off now because it's may, but it's cold, so i turned on my space heater, but it vibrates my entire apartment, so i put it on the coffee table, but that didn't help, so i put a couple of socks under it to act like shock absorbers i guess, and now it's fine. anyway happy friday

Sometimes I get preroll ads for MasterClass on YouTube and I just got one that just began with Jane Goodall making chimp noises for a while. I almost missed the skip button because I was laughing too hard

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