one of the best things about nanowrimo is that I can use as many em dashes and semicolons as I want and no one can stop me

Correction: I shouldn't say _none_ of the new material is on it—I missed アダンの島の誕生祭 which has appeared a bunch of times (Choe sessions, Ginza Sony Park show, Japan Matsuri show)

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New Ichiko Aoba album drops next week! I’m keeping my expectations in check since it has a bunch of collaborators and I almost always prefer her solo stuff, but I liked the one song she previewed well enough. (Interestingly, none of the new material she’s been showing off recently is on it—not even Seabed Eden, which got its own single just two months ago. I could see her putting out another album next year with more of that stuff, maybe one that leans into keyboard a bit more)

Even without a commute NaNoWriMo somehow seems to be taking up a larger portion of my evenings this year than it did last year. It even feels like it’s going well! Just Pandemic Things, maybe

me, walking out by the river alone, to no one in particular: "I bet I could fish here"

gonna update to Big Sur without backing anything up tomorrow just to feel alive

In and out of the polling place in less than ten minutes. Grateful that I live somewhere without the suppression bullshit that a lot of people suffer, though the tradeoff is that my vote won’t ever move the needle on an election like this.

Anyway, I’ve got the day off and I have a NaNoWriMo novel to write and a giant-ass JRPG to play, so if I’m lucky maybe I can stay off of social media tonight

40+ hours into Cold Steel IV and I think I'm finished with the introduction now

you ever think about how many meme templates are just ways to say "I prefer this thing to that thing" (Drake in Hotline Bling, the distracted boyfriend stock photo guy, the Top Gear guy saying "this is brilliant but I like _this_," etc)

Maria Headley’s Beowulf is the wildest translation of anything I’ve ever read, including meme-filled fansubs of games or manga or whatever. Holy shit

It’s very good though, recommended

Heat is on now (even though it’s warmer out?) but also there are jackhammers going right outside because life is about tradeoffs

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I've lived in this apartment for years and I still have no idea how the heat works. Usually it ends up being super warm so I don't really think about it, but tonight it's randomly off and I'm just like "ah, no heat then, understandable"

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Turns out the difference between the shittiest floor lamp from Target and the second shittiest is enormous.

(side note: the pronunciation of "Ys" in this video is killing me)

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Cold Steel 4 is out in less than ten days so I was absolutely in the mood for this new hour-long documentary on Falcom's history

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