Looking through some of my old NaNoWriMo stuff in preparation for next month and realizing that i have a plot twist almost identical to a Trails game here (from before I played any of them)

Also realizing that I'm going to vanish into a Cold Steel 3-shaped black hole next week, so NaNoWriMo will probably be difficult this year

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yikes, I was already annoyed with the shtick in dril's tv show before the trailer was over

when you prefer one thing to another but you can't figure out which meme template to express that preference with

I'm almost mad at how great this Mario and Sonic Olympics game sounds. I thought that one would just be a bye and I wouldn't have to think about it!! twitter.com/WritNelson/status/

the most confounding mystery in all of skyrim: how the hell does this waterway work

You know, I'm not sure this is really an overwhelming endorsement

if only there were some commonly accepted button text for this sort of situation

I missed the ❌ when trying to close MS Paint and accidentally clicked the ❓ instead. Turns out the help feature for that app now is just opening an Edge window and running a Bing search for "help with paint in windows 10" 😂

y'all ever look at the word "milestone" long enough that you start pronouncing it in your head like "minestrone"

@darius I played the CS3 demo! I guess things could go wrong later in the game, but so far it is 100% up to Xseed quality standards, IMO. (Also it's real good, I'm excited!)

This is the first time I've ever turned on the PS4 specifically to update the firmware, as opposed to begrudgingly doing it when I'm trying to play a game. It feels like this should be worth some kind of responsible adult credit, but at the end of the day I guess it's still just fucking around with a video game console

so far I have disliked every change I’ve noticed in Catalina

one great thing about apple products is the consistent user experience

me updating macOS: ella le gusta la Catalina / dame más Catalina

As much as I love her solo stuff, Ichiko Aoba collabs are kind of hit or miss for me...I think this one is promising though! ampl.ink/d8rQ8

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