update: someone who is leaving the company shouted out the private Smash Mouth shitposting channel in his farewell email

whaaat awesome! I'm ordering one of these even if it will take me forever to read it seidosha.co.jp/book/index.php?

God I found the photo of it. Cursed memory, cursed picture

Oh shit I just remembered that I met Bloomberg once like fifteen years ago. What the fuck

I wonder which Bach prelude she’s referring to…maybe the one from the first cello suite

“I am trying to write an album for a mythical movie. I hope to have it done this year.” 👀 asialive365.com/ichiko-aoba-in

Although somehow I still don't love any of the walking-around-the-monastery outfits, even with all the new options they've added over the past year. I remember having this same problem in Dragon Age Inquisition. Maybe I'm just picky about fantasy universe casual wear

I went back to Fire Emblem Three Houses this weekend after months away to play that new DLC…it's still good

It’s convenient when a bottle of contact solution comes with a case but I feel like I shouldn’t trust the size of the thing. How do I know Big Contact Solution isn’t trying to get me to fill up these huge compartments so I run through the bottle faster


I've been in the private Smash Mouth shitposting channel on my office Slack for longer than I was in college

Sometimes when I "have" to practice guitar to not break a streak but I don't have it in me to _actually_ practice, I just put on some music and strum along. Tonight was In the Aeroplane Over the Sea, one of the great strum-along albums

I laughed out loud five times in the 45 minutes it took to play Wide Ocean Big Jacket, which by at least one metric makes it the funniest game I've ever played

I think I should have played Kentucky Route Zero as it was released, not all at once when it was finished

hypothesis: if a Slack/Discord/etc. has a channel about video games and it grows to sufficient size, it will eventually splinter such that there is a separate channel specifically about Nintendo

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magnifique, chef's kiss, a single tear runs down my cheek

heads up: I'm going to listen to Smooth by Santana (feat. Rob Thomas)

I didn’t open my personal email for the entire month of January 🦒

I dunno if it was smart to go from no gecs to 100. I'd like to see how I do with, say, 30 gecs

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