I don’t want to ruin all of the jokes but I’ll ruin one: the Buzz Buzz fight is just you and a microscopic Game & Watch that starts with a ton of damage. If you manage to hit it at all, you’ll win

I thought Smash would be good but I did not expect it to be funny! Some of these spirit battles are cracking me up

All right it’s done! Thank you and apologies to anyone who endured this thread

They’ll just put anyone in that game damn

hmm…I love Dragon Age but I think that teaser was below the threshold of information I’d need to get excited about something

also yay Celeste!!

dang I didn’t think I would get to fill in “gamer-themed anti-vape commercial” on my bingo card

Supergiant has such a look and sound. They could have shown that trailer without the logo

Stanley Parable in the lead for best trailer

Man they’re just rocketing through these awards and the show hasn’t technically started yet! I guess the announcements are the draw though eh

I’m going to post about the Game Awards so mute if you want

- I don’t know what the difference is between the preshow and the show if the preshow has announcements and awards and interviews
- That Simogo game looks rad
- Why did they bring this guy back

Today I learned the longest thing I’ve ever read isn’t Dickens or Tolstoy or David Foster Wallace but friggin’ Homestuck readmspa.org/stats/

Nintendo’s official podcast is good because it vacillates between anodyne corporate pablum and listener submissions like “When I was ten years old I was so excited to get Donkey Kong Country for Christmas that I threw up on my grandmother”

the website says "Project N.O.X", and if that's an abbreviation for something I'd have to guess that X is for Xanadu

tired: what will happen at The Game Awards
wired: what is this Falcom countdown for

I did Hootie and the Blowfish karaoke on Twitch

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