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Instead of Thanksgiving dinner generating leftovers for tomorrow, our Thanksgiving dinner WAS leftovers: some microwaved meatballs and chicken parmesan, along with some pasta with just had olive oil because the leftover sauce in the fridge had gotten moldy

After two years of not staying anywhere but my relatively minimalist apartment, which doesn't even have anything on the walls, visiting my parents and seeing *stuff* everywhere is kind of overwhelming. Just being in the living room feels like having a loud TV commercial playing in my mind

i did write a bunch of other stuff in the end but i included a version of this too 🙃

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trying to write my annual self-assessment thing for work and trying to figure out something besides "I SURVIVED DIDN'T I"

i love when my imac is asleep and i can see it wake up from across the room to show a notification that says "do not disturb: on"

today in a meeting someone said "what if [something]" in the same tone as griffin mcelroy's "what if i said 'fuck the disc'" from an old mbmbam episode, and it made completely lose track of the point they were making

mostly prohibiting em dashes too but i'm making some exceptions for dialog

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doing nanowrimo on hard mode this year because i decided i'm not allowed to use any semicolons


I tried making Impossible meat for the first time, but it seems the smell of it cooking makes me nauseous. I had to open the windows and Febreze my kitchen and sheepishly swap back to real meat…

I planned to “clean” this weekend but I sublimated that into digital cleaning. Vacuum remains untouched but my Downloads folder is pristine

Seeing it again nine years later, I still don't think any of the Mass Effect 3 endings really work for me…the one where every living thing gets instantly covered in glowing green circuit boards feels especially goofy

I think it’s possible to have a ‘bad bath,’ in the same way you can have a bad nap. I came out of the tub less relaxed

today my manager was like “hey I saw your tweet about burnout and…same” (in so many words) which I guess is good

I want to see the Trails game with the Tales budget

damn y'all ever tear up at a PODCAST


sometimes the youtube algorithm gives me the most inexplicable recommendations, but today out of nowhere I got this video of a concert I was actually at from eight years ago youtu.be/XokWwDGTI3A

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