I feel ten Internet years younger using this site. I want to download an RSS reader and start a new blog

@danbruno I was just thinking that! It feels like being on a forum again.

@danbruno Don't forget to fire up a Flickr account as well.

@danbruno Bring back websites that care about their user and the experience, not engagement metrics.

@danbruno I am looking forward to the day when there's an activitypub compliant client that seamlessly integrates an RSS reader.

Also I found this today and got excited

@darius Ooh, this is neat! (Though I ought to be careful that I don't spend all my time comparing platforms and tools instead of writing. I've fallen into that trap before!)

@nev @darius What I really ought to do, I suspect, is open a dang text editor and write something, and then slap some HTML tags on and FTP it up to my site without installing any software at all. Otherwise I'll spend all my time comparing options 😅

@nev @danbruno @darius yeah i heard is federating now! Very cool

@Satsuma wow how hadn’t I heard about that! That looks like a great platform I need to check out! @nev @danbruno @darius

@danbruno Yeah I know what you mean... sometimes this feels pretty good, sometimes though it does feel a bit odd. 😉

@danbruno most def. I want to go on Albino Blacksheep and submit a flash cartoon

@gangles I think I still have NetNewsWire installed! I dunno if that's still being maintained, though…

@joshwlkr @danbruno omg! I used to spend so much time tuning my signatures 😄

@saturno @joshwlkr Now I know what to do with these extra characters Mastodon gives me!

@danbruno why not go even further back in time with an Emacs RSS reader!

Enhanced significantly with elfeed-org

@danbruno No kidding! I was feeling so fancy-free I reinstalled IRC and then googled pricing on The Well

@danbruno You can have my RSS when you pry it from my cold dead hands!

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