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Welp everybody's cool/interesting intros are making me nervous to do my own, but apparently everybody auto-follows me on join so I should do an too 😅

I'm David (he/him)! I help write and maintain open source software at a company called HashiCorp. I'm also a musician (🎹🎺🗣🎙) and I've been in a couple singer/songwriter and folk groups. I'm on a couple albums and am super proud of them! You can take a listen if you want 😬

didn’t wanna overload y’all with Afuri but… they also had the best octopus i’ve ever had. it was so tender that it melted in my mouth, and i didn’t even know octopus could do that

i always try to time my visits so they’re during the weekend because Friday is when they get seasonal fish fresh from Tokyo’s Toyosu fish market. look at this perfect o-toro. o-mfg

birdsite is down, and normally i’d post about that kind of thing ON birdsite, so my brain is just going in a loop trying to open birdsite's app and post about it before remembering i can't 🙃

😍 got the first shipment of the subscription i won!! and they sent a dope mug too 😭

did u know that that if you (for some reason) have leftover fried chicken from, it makes a dope ass chicken salad? it’s true. good mayo, celery, red onion, tarragon, chives, and a splash of lemon juice 😗👌

i made the Bûche de Noel this year!! lots of nerve-wracking firsts for me:

first , first (which separated and then got too hard when it set), first (didn’t get much of a roll tbh) and first (unfortunately not pictured… it ultimately ended up fine but i didn’t have time to get the mushrooms assembled)

hello i made these phyllo canapés with brie, cranberry, and rosemary may i please be on the great british bake-off now

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