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Welp everybody's cool/interesting intros are making me nervous to do my own, but apparently everybody auto-follows me on join so I should do an too 😅

I'm David (he/him)! I help write and maintain open source software at a company called HashiCorp. I'm also a musician (🎹🎺🗣🎙) and I've been in a couple singer/songwriter and folk groups. I'm on a couple albums and am super proud of them! You can take a listen if you want 😬

i made the Bûche de Noel this year!! lots of nerve-wracking firsts for me:

first , first (which separated and then got too hard when it set), first (didn’t get much of a roll tbh) and first (unfortunately not pictured… it ultimately ended up fine but i didn’t have time to get the mushrooms assembled)

hello i made these phyllo canapés with brie, cranberry, and rosemary may i please be on the great british bake-off now

might be on an indian food kick… made some paneer saag and chicken makhani in the ol’ instant pot

homemade teriyaki salmon bowl with cucumber, avocado, green onions, and a sprinkling of furikake. even made the sauce!

The world’s first time traveler was just a boy who created a machine. The moment before he first switched it on, he appeared to himself as an old man.

“Don’t,” the old man said.

The boy hesitated, but he remembered how angry he was at every adult who ever tried to hold him back.

“Fuck you, old man,” he said, smiled, and hit the switch.

In an instant, he was old, standing before his younger self.

“Don’t,” he said.

dreamt last night that the new iphone accidentally got delivered to me a day early and i feel like that is a bit too poignant of a glimpse into my life

i wish donald glover would walk into this izakaya

hi my name is david and i basically mostly post about milk i guess

grocery store ran out of Maple Hill milk so i tried organic valley's non-homogenized and guess what it still didn't work for steaming

i’m only just now catching up on the Serena Williams news now that xoxo is over, but here’s my lukewarm take that nobody asked for: it’s bad, got worse, and is now beyond bullshit

there’s a $17k fine now, too? what the fuck

tfw you wake up and realize you didn’t check in for your 8am Southwest flight and will now definitely be sitting in a middle seat

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