What a busy Saturday! Excited for work retreat next week

I find it wild that Disclosure DJ'd what they claimed was a UK Garage set and it mostly just sounded like Disclosure youtube.com/watch?v=Rmyr7bJt8Q

I may have done some code crimes but also: it worked the first time I ran it after writing it. So…who’s really the wizard here? :thonking:

When I need to listen to some comfort music, I've been turning to this Mungo's Hi-Fi album a lot mungoshifi.bandcamp.com/album/

I am :
- Destiny 2, the Witch Queen (and every season associated to it)
- Sea of Thieves
- Risk of Rain 2 (especially with the new DLC)
- DMing a D&D 5e game

Here's an :
I'm Dannel, I was born in 🇵🇪 , moved to the 🇺🇸, studied 🖥️ science, and I like to play 🎮 quite a bit (see ).

I'm passionate about a lot of things including, but not limited to, accessibility ♿ , organized labor ✊, the social dynamics of the internet 🖥️ 🌐, and music discovery 🎧 🎵.

I speak Spanish and English fluently, understand Portuguese somewhat. I've charmed snakes with gems & enchanted gems with potions for my jobs but I don't program outside of them.

Since the last time I posted on Mastodon: I joined Kickstarter => I helped organize a union! => I've been bargaining a union contract for almost two years. Also: a global pandemic happened/continues to happen

You know what's kinda fucked up? I've periodically downloaded my Twitter archive for years. And every once in a while I noticed that tweets would just go missing? Like my own tweets. And old ones too

I'm here now. Thanks to @annika for helping me migrate over.


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