Woke up in the middle of the night with an itchy hand I could never get to stop itching. Eventually I remembered I have forgotten to take any antihistamine last two days. All of which still doesn’t help only having 4 hours of sleep.

Time to dust this one off again, I guess.

Today I was missing the XOXO Slack, but I have no idea how to return to it.

Still around. Still mulling. Still need to hire another doctor.

being a parent of a non-binary kid 

They checked the "trans" box on the school form for lack of any other way to describe their non-binary but maybe transitioning but maybe not selves. As a cishet parent I'm more shocked the school system lacks any sense of what non-binary looks like on a simple form.

I replaced my 10 year old pretty-but-not-very-good-at-it-anymore toaster with a $20 cheapy model and holy shitsnacks you'd never believe how much a difference a decent toaster makes in your life until you've bought one.

The new Bojack where Diane goes to Vietnam is at once culturally beautiful and at the same time is missing what an Asian voice could have brought to the role. And it's even sadder because Alison Brie's Diane is so great.

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Never gonna stop laughing at fragile white dudes calling marginalized people "soft" for actually holding them to standards of behavior

Given I'm both here and the bird site, I'm not sure what I'm supposed to be putting here. I guess my more private thinking? Of course, what's private for me anymore? About the only think y'all don't know is I think my knees are getting arthritic.

Take a leave from the XOXO Slack, don't go to the fest this year, and yet here I am on the bird site walking a guy through why his hot take on XOXO wasn't the greatest.

I guess I never really was out.

Personal XOXO FOMO now reaching historic levels.

Why I'm not at XOXO 

I am planning on coming in 2019, though.

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Why I'm not at XOXO 

I love the community, but then May happened. I was dealing with a new job, friends getting assaulted at another conference and not being able to say anything, and a million little things. I pulled myself off the XOXO Slack because I couldn’t be my best self, and the stumbling around wasn’t making it easier. I'm mentally in a better place, but I don’t feel ready to re-engage with the community without putting my foot in it. I ended up donating my budget to the free pass fund.

One of the hardest lessons I've learned in growing up is no one gives a shit what you think 90% of the time, so as a man your job is to LISTEN first and provide input when asked.

I think for us raised in the patriarchy we're just used to the world listening to white men first, so we just plow right on through.

LISTENING is hard for us, though. Please be mindful that some of us are trying.

The kid signed the first of the high school paperwork. High school starts in two weeks. I AM THE PARENT OF A HIGH SCHOOL WTF

I haven't been so happy to see rain and onshore flow in my 23 years living in Seattle. 58F, AQI has fallen in 12 hours from 205 to 74.

health issues 

I've been suffering from digestive issues all year -- it flares up for a few days, settles down, then flares up again. It doesn't map to any foods; I have a pretty stable diet. I just wish I knew what was going on.

"your first drafts are amazing compared to a lot of the ones I see." I am totally framing that compliment from an editor. 😆

Wait, there's a Lucy Dacus/Julien Baker/Phoebe Bridgers supergroup? And they're touring in November???

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