a friend gave me this leather jacket that was too big for her and imo it's that perfect mix of "cute" and "don't fuck with me"

urban ore has a gray G4 tower for $15 and it's taking all of my restraint not to get it

trying a new skincare routine in the hope that my dewy skin will give me the power to smite my enemies once and for all

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ah yes my favorite piece of socialist-feminist theory

just laying in bed, playing Yoshi's Island, imagining the commentary track by slavoj zizek as you do

yoshi eatsh thesh shy guysh in such a way as to render zhem eggs *wipes nose*, hish ahmmunshion in fighting thesh shy guys' brothers; it ish the same with capital'sh use of ideology againsht the workersh

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lmao, our 'liberal' media are antisemitic pieces of shit

wonder how much of this is because the trailer park that was hit by the tornado was composed of low-income, mostly Hispanic folks. city and state funds for the wealthy white people, GoFundMes for everyone else.

Oklahoma in the spring was hiding in the pantry every week, California in the spring is seeing it on Twitter and hoping my mom and dad are okay

just found out that a tornado touched down within a mile of my parents' house

Unfortunately this means I'm always on a downward trajectory

I have this thing where I get super nervous when around people who are much cooler than me so I think anyone who is cooler than me probably thinks I'm extremely uncool, while everyone at the same level or below accurately appraises my coolness.

(also I'm pretty sure someone has come up with this before but the image itself is OC so feel free to share)

why does this have over 100 favs why do y'all like rust so much I guess I'm gonna find out

I want a "pool party" where I just swim laps tho

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