updated the open source Mastodon client I'm using finally and even tho they fixed a lot of annoyances there's still a few bugs

gonna see if I can get a PR in :)

one thing that's a really shitty constant anxiety I have about being trans is the nagging feeling I fucked up my life by transitioning, and a lot of that anxiety is triggered by existing in a transmisogynistic economic system where I did, at least in its eyes, fuck everything up

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Jenny Odell's talk was incredible and I desperately need to read "How To Do Nothing"

hello xoxo people! I turned off syndication and plan to check this account now! if I ignored you in the past I'm sorry! but I'm back!

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Btw, this is the guy who sat behind me at convention applauding obnoxiously loud and saying “I don’t give a fuck”. Fuck him and fuck his entire delegation who laughed along with him. Trash ass humans.

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burn the MIT Media lab to the fucking ground and salt the earth on which it stood twitter.com/rachelcoldicutt/st

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If nobody draws a dick on this soon I’m calling the police. Powell Street station, east mall entrance twitter.com/nuncamind/status/1

I can always tell when there's Scala drama because my old tweets calling out some idiots for being transphobes start getting favs

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Quick punctuation lesson:

Hyphen (-): connects two words
En-dash (–): indicates a range, e.g. 2–8
Em-dash (—): Ahhh, you seek to understand its ways, weary traveler. Nay, behold! This dash provides to you whichever function you most require. You need only listen as it whispers…

I'm a .smc file, a homebrew SNES game with rough edges that was clearly left unfinished but is fun regardless
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tag urself what u would b if u were a file extension

i'm a lossy .jpg file with visible artifacts

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Over the past year, the @washingtonpost@twitter.com has run 4 op-eds (and 1 editorial) criticizing tech workers for opposing Pentagon or ICE contracts, and *zero* op-eds expressing even mild sympathy or support. Can somebody please remind me who owns the Post? washingtonpost.com/opinions/po

previously, on cute transes at xoxo
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@caraesten glowup of the century tbh

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girl.... i wanna love u like a trans woman loves synthesizers

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“are you a man or a woman i can’t tell”

idk bud whichever one you are not sexually attracted to

this looks like it was taken in the 70s and rediscovered in some lesbian's personal effects years later twitter.com/caraesten/status/1

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kevin hart asking why someone would be afraid to come out as gay is too on the nose. you put that in a fiction book and people would be like this is too blatantly dumb

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